Slackin’ at the Lake

I don’t remember much of my time with the elves, only that they removed the deadly dagger plunged into my chest by the traitorous Slinij. Come to think of it, my memories of everything are a bit foggy. Something about that wooded realm must have messed with my mind. I’m not even sure why they sent me packing, but whatever. Life moves on.

A Blood Bowl coach without a team, without a job, and without a clue. I must have wandered for years before I ran into Toofstench. That troll had me lined up for his next meal, and I was a goner for sure. But, for some reason he let me go. All he said is “Warp is life”. Soon I saw the rest of the team, all lined up and chanting “Warp is life”. I was caught up in the emotion, and chanted along too.

The Green Lake Slackers, they called themselves. Maybe I needed to slack a bit too.

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