Slow Start

Coach South sat with his head in his hands in his office. These little rats had always been an experiment but after the first four games he was wondering if Da Sewer Yobz had indeed been watching the Orc team from afar after all? The evidence so far showed otherwise and in fact it looked more like they didn’t even know how to play!

Players falling while going for that extra yard, getting caught by the much slower opponent while trying to dodge away or even picking up the ball looked a challenge for these rats at times. Even in their first match against a Goblin side they almost got cleared off the pitch!

Then in their fifth game against a Vampire team a gleam of something pricked South’s attention. Admittedly the thralls wore no armour but Da Sewer Yobz started landing some hits and removed a couple of players and gave the vamps a good game that wasn’t reflected in the 2-0 score. Then came a dwarf team, normally the nightmare for any skaven side but from the first block Badoth’s new claws proved their worth with one dwarf being carried off the pitch and more falling before half time. This lead to the first win for Da Sewer Yobz and a huge surprise to coach South.

Then came the last match of the season. This time against some distant cousin’s who enjoy too much warpstone. This game was an perfect example of gutter runner agility and both Da Sewer Yobz touchdowns were pure luck rather than skill. So much luck that South actually went to find the other coach, Sleepyjer, to apologise for steeling the game. He didnt mention that he had sacrificed the neighbours pet squig to nuffle the day before.

And so here he was with his head in his hands wondering if he’d done the right thing. After some careful thought about an offer from a old friend he had decided to give these rats one more season just as he had with Da Little Yobz before and had just signed and sent the registration form to the MML for the next season.

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