So long, pals!

After 5 seasons enduring injuries of any kind among the MML pros, Stuntmandidi decided to stop coaching The Blitzkriegers (and mostly take a big break with Blood Bowl anyway, but that’s another story).

After a legitimate disappointment period for all (remaining) players, they had to find another way to make their living. What have they become ?

Gaesmal finally decided to quit Blood Bowl as well ; he runned a marriage bureau for a short time, but had to quit because of « harassment on female customers » issues and most of all because he never managed to fulfil any marriage. No one heard about him lately, since he’s been seen in a dark alley followed by Xiaoyan. We would like to say that investigation is in progress, but it seems like no one really tried to investigate.

Xiaoyan, after her forced retirement by Thunden’s bullies, became a delighting housewife. Fun fact : since she retired, crime has been divided by two in her city as a superheroine raised at the same time. She is known as Blitzwoman, but no one has a clue about who she could be.

Lildhil became a famous stripteaser in Loren Forest. His « leaping moonwalk » trick brings customers from all around the world, and he never forgets to give a tribute to Sexy Rexy at the end of each show.

Banlaen, after unsucceeding in finding another team that would accept him to sign up just to leap into cages, became alcoholic and spent many nights in jail for brawls. And it is in prison that he found back his way to real life (probably because cage is were he feels better?), he is now a missionnary in Norsca. Lildhil never miss a occasion to meet his former teammate there, trying to launch a « Speedo Fashion Week ».

Umbean first started a new career in a circus, but it awfully ended by an accident during a knife throw show, wounding a member of the audience – his name was Gaesmal, or something like that. He now became the most famous POSTMAN in the old world, throwing letters from his desk all around the country. Complaints against national post for delay or wrong adress delivery totally disappeared.

Brave Mildred became butler. His boss, Bru Swayn, is full of praise about him.

All of Gaesmal’s gipsy cousin : well, don’t ask if you want to keep healthy, ok ?

And… Stuntmandidi : He finally has been recognized as totally mad, and now tries to coach a gob team in Middenheim Asylium. Some says he might be back in the MML one day with this team… But it’s only a rumor, right ?

Dear fellow coaches, I would like to thank all of you for those 15 months among the MML, having my best Blood Bowl moments with you. I’ve decided not to go back for season 9 as my passion went somewhere and I can’t find it back (I searched the whole house though!), and thus don’t think I can be a decent MML member anymore. Thanks for those who made me a board member for two seasons, it’s been a honor ; thanks a lot Preach for running this league like a swiss watch, this is just crazy ; thanks Seriousjest for introducing me to the art of announcing a game, I loved it ; thanks a lot Rez for sharing that crazy view of elven Blood Bowl we have, it’s been a good laugh to play that bowl game against those terrible Stop Rolling Ones !!!; thanks a lot Thunden and More_Shots for helping me to manage my team value all those seasons by chosing yourselves which players I would remove, I’ve always loved our games ; Thanks JoFro for being Gaesmal’s fan club president from it’s very beginning ; and of course, thanks to all of you, Sestonn, Doneagle, Hezekiah, Gerdleah, Bernie, Loul, Sacerdotalist who gave me my two first farm games, all, all, all of you guys !

I might be back in a few seasons (if the MML still accepts me of course), but for the moment, time to enjoy my son’s birth and other stuffs… And from time to time, I’ll obviously enjoy a MML game on twitch of course !

Best coaches are here, in this beautiful league that is the MML


  1. Big personality, unique and dangerous player – will miss you. Praying for you and your young family’s health, see you on the turf soon!

  2. Hope to see you back soon Didi, isn’t the same without you around!

  3. Goodness! – Thank you so much for all the great memories and wonderful articles, Stunty sir! I already miss Gaesmal. He was truly awesome! You will also definately be very much missed, good sir! – I hope we see you again in the future, but until then I hope everything is wonderful with your new addition!

  4. One of my best buddies on here. Bon voyage my friend… But I’d rather say a bientot.
    Best of wishes for you and your young family. I hope little Thunden has a great start to life!!
    See you in Paris!

  5. Sad to see you go but if you feel like it is the right move to make, so be it. The door is always open and there are plenty of people (me included) who would like nothing more than an occasional farm game and chatting with you, buddy!

  6. Sad to see you go. Hopefully you will be back when real life allows. One of the most entertaining coaches/teams/commentators/story tellers the MML has. Good luck mon amis.

  7. You’ll be missed,man. Had some lovely games vs you in mml and in cladder. Really hope to,see you back some day.

  8. The Blitzkriegers will remain an MML icon forever, and Stunty’s legacy will remain strong across the entire PS4 community long after he’s gone!

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