So much for the playbook

The sun rouse above the Tri Peek mountain.  The plan had worked!!  Was there really a team of beastman entering the MM…   Chatter had reached far and wide of the old world.  Laughter and jokes echoed through the lands.  Was this a team that could compete on the pitch or another normal “chaos” build?  Questions so many questions.  Beerz stepped out of his new cabin toward the new stadium he’d call home.  Snorting and grunting came from the pitch.  He walked out to see something abnormal to him.  Lines of beastman in a formation new to him.  No chaos mass kill line or full press.  More players taking their spots, positions and roles.  It was about balance.  These were the young beast warriors of the tri peeks.  He reached down grabbed his play book walked toward the pitch. He looked at his players, the stadium and back down at his play book.  A smile that helped light sky came across his snot.  With this new fire in his belly and smile on his face he looked at the young beastman (not yet even discovered their mutation) and threw his playbook in the air and yelled let’s have some fun!!!!!!

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