Stop suppressing us!!!

For decades, our clan has been and continues to be oppressed by our fellow human citizens in the Old World. We have to crawl underground in smelly, cloaca-like tunnels, plan our way down there, go about our daily business, pass our time. Far away from the fresh air on the surface and far away from the warming sun, the purifying rain. This must finally come to an end. We will pay it back to the arrogant gender of the human race. And not in their barbaric way of waging war, slaughtering, murdering and raping. No, we will take revenge in our own way: On the pitch!! In the large arenas of the Blood Bowl!!! Many a rat clans before us have tried their luck in the Blood Bowl arenas of the Old World, have won and lost. But they were always driven back into their smelly sewage toilets after the games. But this time that will change. We will convince the fans through our way of playing, we will inspire them for us. They will love us and despise all the other barbaric races in the Blood Bowl arenas. They will lie at our feet and finally let us participate in their lives in abundance. The only thing we were missing about this revolutionary project was a suitable trainer! But now we think we have found him! They call him Bubimann28! What a stupid name! But no matter! We are convinced of his courage to lead us into the new world. A world where performance counts and not appearance, smell, fur growth, the length of the tail or the hunger for cheese! We don’t know too much about this strange coach yet. All we know is that he was driven out of the icy tundra of the Norsemen and the steaming jungles of the Amazons, as he had promised them more in sporting terms than he could ultimately keep. He has only hosted a few training matches with our most athletic players so far. But the sparse audience was thrilled. Now it is also necessary to implement this in the large arenas of the old world. But what does our clan have to lose? The main thing is to get out of this smelly cessal of the underground and up into the exciting arenas of the Blood Bowl that promise fame and glory! And if this Bubimann28 should be successful, then the marriage with the most beautiful rat woman, which his human heart can only imagine, awaits him. The newspapers will be full of his success, the success of his team and like flies they will tear themselves to be guests of honor at his wedding. Therefore, pay attention Bubimann28: If you do not have success, then you will be married to Etna, the ugliest rat woman of all time! Never has a rat had more shaggy fur, a foul smell and dirtier nails. And never has a rat man left her night camp alive….So let the Blood Bowl games begin!

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