Stranger Things Happening In Camp Brandy

Camp Brandy has always been quite the strange place. A rather small Blood Bowl oriented village with some of the most passionate fans in all of Blood Bowl. But ever since the unexplained disappearance of their beloved team Mauz and their coach/ owner DaltMc, things have never been quite the same. The end of the season has arrived and still no evidence of either party’s disappearance can be found. Many have blamed their last opponents Just Norsin’ Around for the disappearance. Others have said they simply fell into the warp. One thing that we do know is that we miss those boys of Mauz and we will continue to investigate until we bring them home safe and sound.


  1. Deep in his brain he felt something stir. Something dark, something sinister. As if the Skaven Menace were plotting their return.

  2. When I started looking at playing Skaven again I watched a few reruns of Mauz’s games. Truly amazing what those little ratties would do and what you would push them to do Dalt. Sad that they are not around! Would like to see their return, myself. 🙂

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