Tactician’s Guide to Passing

Tactician’s Guide to Passing

by Horthien “Tactician”


Hello Kiddies!  It’s been a long time since Uncle Tactician has been here to teach you the finer points of Blood Bowl.  Did you miss me?  I know you did.

In our previous episodes we covered Armor Breaks, Blocking, and How to Pick Targets for your Dignity Rocks.  And wow, we had a blast!  But there is something that we never talked about, and its a very important part of Playing with Dignity.  The Pass!

Did you know that there are four different pass ranges?  The Quick Pass, Short Pass, Long Pass, and Long Bomb.  The Farther the ball is passed, the more difficult it is to make an accurate pass.

When a human throws the ball in a quick pass, he has a 66.6% for that ball to hit its target, a 17% chance for the ball to be inaccurate, and a 17% to fumble the ball.  Whoopsie!  (A roll that doesn’t meet the accurate pass target number, but its modified and unmodified roll is greater than 1, scatters.  So that was 3+ for accurate, 2 for scatter, 1 for fumble)

When an elf throws the ball in a quick pass, he has about an 83% chance to hit his target and a 17% chance to fumble the ball.  Wow, that’s much better.  Elves are awesome passers!

The accurate and pass skills make a passer even better!  A human with accurate throws the ball just as well as an elf.  That’s good training.  But an Elf with accurate throws the ball a whole new range level with 83% accuracy.  Wow.  That’s why everyone wants to be an elf.  And the pass skill allows a reroll of those probabilities.  So an accurate human or an elf throwing a quick pass has an 83% chance to complete it and a 17% chance to fumble it.  The reroll changes that to a 97% chance to complete and only a 3% chance to fumble the ball.  Wow, the passing skill is important for any team that wants to make a career out of passing.

But what about Long Bombs?  Those are Royalty’s favorite passes, and successful long bombs from other teams have earned them many of his celebrated fruit baskets.  So Kiddies, if you want a Royalty fruit basket, you should be practicing your long bombs!

Every level of pass range raises the difficulty.  So if a human passer had 66% to make a quick pass, he has 50% for a short pass, 33% for a long pass, and only a 17% chance to make a Long Bomb.  Wow, that’s tough.  But accurate makes it better, and so does the super rare passing skill of strong arm.  And remember the free reroll from the pass skill.  So what is the chance for an accurate human with pass to make a long bomb?

Well, Kiddies, that’s easy!

He has a 33% plus a reroll.  Take the 66% fail chance and multiply it by another 33%.  You get 22%.  Add that to the original 33% and he has a whopping 55% chance to make that long bomb!  That’s not so bad for such a fantastic throw.  And remember, strong arm makes it even better.

But what about Royalty.  Royalty is even more agile than the average elf.  He is an accurate passer, with the super rare strong arm skill.  Wow, Royalty.  You must be the very best thrower of all time!

Royalty’s agility alone would make a long bomb 50%.  Plus Accurate and strong arm.  Royalty make his long bombs 83% of the time!  Wow!!  But he is also a passer, so his overall chance to complete a long bomb is 97%!!  That’s amazing!

But what about catching the ball?  Well, that’s another lesson for another day Kiddies,  but I will leave you with this.  Every tackle zone on your catcher makes it harder and harder to catch that ball, unless you have another super rare skill called Nerves of Steel.

Do you know which Dignity member has nerves of steel?  That’s right!  Eccentric.

So a long bomb from Royalty to Eccentric, counting their agility and skills, has about a 94% chance of succeeding, no matter how many guys are trying to stop Eccentric from catching that ball.  The percent is actually a little smaller, due to the opponent’s chance to pick off the ball, but Royalty throws super safe balls so its very difficult for the opponent to make that interception.  In the end, the chance is reduced to about 91% if there is a chance for interception from an average lineman.  Wow, that sure is impressive.

That’s all we have for today.

Feel free to brush up on some of my past episodes.  That knowledge is for everyone.

And remember kids. When you play with Dignity, you win.  But its always more important to just be yourself.


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