Tactician’s Guide to the Opening Coin Flip

Tactician’s Guide to the Opening Coin Flip

by Horthien “Tactician”


Hello Kiddies!  We’re back with another valued piece of knowledge for all of you aspiring Blood Bowl Super Coaches.  What do you think we are going to talk about this time?

That’s right!  The opening Coin Flip!  Yay!!

I hear you out there, Kiddies.  You want to know why we would discuss something like the opening Coin Flip when almost everyone agrees that you never want to give away the first hits of the game, especially if you or your opponent have even a single mighty blow player.  But I’m here to tell you kids, there should be other factors at play in that decision.  Don’t worry, I’m here to point them out to you!

But before we get started, did you all know that even Coach Sestonn has been a long time rider of the Never Choose To Kick bandwagon?  That’s right!  It took hours of convincing just to get him to even consider that there might be a time to choose to kick.

So don’t be a Coach Sestonn!  Always look at your options with as much detail as you can.  Having a plan is Playing With Dignity!

So kiddies, what do you think is a good reason to choose to receive?

That’s right, Billy!  Because your team has a lot of armor and the other team has no players with Claw, Mighty Blow, or Piling On.  You have nothing to worry about!  Wow!

But there are more important reasons beyond just that one.

Consider this.  Your team is full of high armor, high impact players.  Maybe you have some mighty blow spotted around your team.  Your opponent is one of those less armored, highly agile and mobile teams.  You know your opponent is capable of a 1 Turn touchdown with his 8 move, sprint, sure feet catcher as long as that player can get pushed a couple of times.  What turn do you think he would rather attempt that 1 turn Touchdown on?  Turn 8, after taking 8 turns of blows against his guys?  Or turn 16, after he has twice as many players in the injury box?

That’s right little Timmy!  You want that high agility team to be trying its 1T TD in the last turn of the game, where he may only have 4 or 5 players left.  That means you want your drive to be the Second Half of the game, not the first!  Wow!!  That’s crazy!

Now consider that you are the agility team going up against a hard hitting, heavy armor team.  Usually you choose to receive so that you can possibly get in a lucky block, and then control the field to minimize the blocks against you.  That’s a sound strategy.  But eventually, that other team is going to receive the ball and pummel your guys.  You can’t stop that from happening.  But if you choose to go first, what turn are you going to be trying your 1 turn touchdown?  That’s right, Turn 16 after he spends the entire second half slowly pushing the ball to your endzone.  Do you think you will have enough healthy players to pull it off? That’s the real question you should be asking yourself.

Will you need to make a 1 Turn Touchdown to win?  If so, will you still have enough players on the field to do so on Turn 16?  Maybe choosing to kick and trying your 1T TD on turn 8 isn’t such a bad idea.

And then there is another factor to consider in your coin flip choice.  What do you think that is, Kiddies?”

That’s right!!  You can force your opponent to score super early, leaving you with enough time to tie it up before the Second Half!  Wow!  Then the Second Half is all yours to charge down the field, decimating what’s left of their team as you do.  If you are one of those super tough running teams, this strategy will give you a lot of 2-1 wins.  It’s not showy, but it is very effective.

What do you think, Kiddies?  Are you going to give a little more thought to kicking the ball when you win that opening coin toss?  I bet you are. Yay!

Just remember kids, you may win when you Play With Dignity.  But it’s more important to just Be Yourself.


  1. When they give you the option back, always receive in OT. Let’s face it. If you could get the ball back from your opponent on a regular basis, you wouldn’t be in overtime.

  2. sound advise. Especially with AG teams. If you want to draw recieve, if you want to win, kick. 🙂

  3. You forgot to say pay the referee to switch the call in OT! Works every time! (Of course, I’m only kidding. I know it wasn’t really a bribed ref).

  4. Lol, that’s why you don’t to choose in OT anymore. It automatically chooses one of you to receive.

  5. I haven’t been in an OT game since ours. I did not know they had changed that. Good, I guess.

  6. They changed it like a day or two after ours. I think they heard about it and sneaked that in there to stop it from happening again.

  7. I don’t think that’s true, Sestonn. There’s a noted glitch in the game that “skips” the coin flip and choice to receive or kick if you don’t skip the cut scenes for the injuries and the KOs waking up.

  8. Oh, well, then they should embrace that glitch. Its much much better than winning the flip and getting cheated.

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