Tale of the Titans… the end.

The orc looked out across the stillness of the pond.

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Everything was still. He was at peace finally.


Since Season 1 of the MMLPro leagues he had been playing, on the run or searching for absolution. He had come West with his brothers to reclaim their name to this strange land of even stranger coaches, they had been on the verge of a historic win only to have it snatched away from them at the end of the match. Not to be outdone by the petty rulings of the league an end of season game was arranged… winner take all. The rest of the season was played against veteran coaches of the region, the results came and went, not the Titans finest season… their eyes were set on the Vengeance game after the season.


Finally the time arrived and this orc had known he wouldn’t be making it, he had taken a crippling hit in the last turn of the previous game and he would shout his team mates on from the sidelines… The coach followed the team out to the pitch looking like he’d just been robbed. The explanation came that the Taurawna outfit had pulled out of their final game of the season, their coach finally acknowledging the Green Tide Titans as the only franchise worthy of the name. They had won… why did it feel so hollow?

With that the season ended with a crescendo of confusion. The team milled about a bit, they all knew this was the end of the Green Tide, the story had run it’s course, they had reclaimed their name even if it wasn’t in the fashion they wanted. Orcs unsurprisingly are not ones for emotional good byes. Still there were mutual embraces and gruff words of friendship exchanged between the clan. They had been together so long, fought through the Playoffs so many times together, never winning the title, but achieving that level of brotherhood. He had been fortunate enough to play for two of the great orc teams, the Titans and the Grunts, fortunate enough to play with some epic players on both sides. He had lost friends, none more tragic than the loss of Big Mo which still hurt. He had developed respect for certain players in the league, The Princess Bride, U Turn, Sexy Rexy, Hector, AB, Doric Ratsmasher, Royce Gracie, Knob Creek…

As the Titans, they had faced legendary teams, The Frozen Thrones, the lovable Blitzkriegers, Harrelsons, The White Owlz even their potty mouthed cousins the New Orcland Grunts in the Orcageddon game in S3… however true rivalries developed with only three franchises and they would be treasured.


The Power Hour… the furore over the open mic, the meetings that exploded with fire and fury, the fireballing of the logo of the BCPH, but most of all the fine whisky drunk after the game by the coaches.

The Leaping Lizards… always a wry smile on the face of Coach Doneagle as he brought his mighty lizards to do battle with the Tide, so many epic matches even the 0-0 draw sticks in the memory.

Rodentia Ad Nauseum… those accursed Rats, every time they seemed outnumbered and overpowered on paper and every time they managed to find a way to snatch victory away from the Titan. Their coach equally diminutive and elusive. However the true tale of this rivalry was about Gorbag and Han. Two players going hell for leather in the early seasons against each other and in the end finishing with a very special friendship and mutual respect.

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It was in fact – the rat that he waited for by these calm shores. By this wood cabin in verdant land rich with hunting prospects. Here they would spend their pensions, an unusual thing for Blood Bowl players, drinking fine grog and eating the best cheeses whilst regailing each other with past glories.


The Rat was late.


They had agreed. This would be the last season.


Gorbag had agreed with his Titans they would go their separate ways forever keeping those bonds of brotherhood.


He could wait here a while. He had time.



Already he grew impatient. Perhaps there was something he could do to pass the time waiting for Han.


He had heard tell of a competition attracting extreme Blood Bowl players. Perhaps it was time he investigated this… Blitz! After all, the old bones probably had one hurrah left in them…

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  1. “They had agreed” – Han is a Rat God. He does what he wants…. also, with his double niggled back and loss of movement it’s gonna take him a while to make it from the cart station to the lake!

    But he did tell me that he looks forward, one day, to sharing that cheese and those stories with Whorb— I mean— Gorbag.

    Brilliant story… true legends.

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