Team Single-Game Records (Regular Season) through S5 Wk3

Chances are S5 Wk3 will be remembered for a long time. A plethora of records were set and tied, including the infamous #SPPGate match between 2 of the League’s High Elf teams. Unfortunately, there were also a couple of more 1-interception matches, as well.

To commemorate the special occasions, our very own newly promoted Pro coach Fnords has created virtual plaques for the Breakers of Records, to commemorate their cheating accomplishments:

most-armour-breaks most-pass-yards most-rush-yds


And since Fnords was still generous and drunk from the joy of watching these epic matches, he even created plaques for those of you who tied records, as well…except for the teams that tied the INT record, because…well, because screw you.

most-tds most-inj

Highest Ball Possession Percentage 93% Wrecking kru Caven08 at Mauz S3 Wk6
Highest Percentage Occupation of Own Half 56% Itschodaddy Its_cho_daddy at Rookie Mistakes S1 Wk3
Thee Grandiose Gladiators TigerShark4NU at Bill COWher Power Hour S2 Wk3
Da Orcs of Rome eddyeddy202 vs. The Cold Hard Truth S2 Wk4
Merthyr Shock’n’Ore shakytumbleweed at The Blitzkriegers S5 Wk1
Highest Percentage Occupation of Opponent’s Half 75% North Grove Gale CommieCOZY vs. The Cheese Stands Alone S2 Wk2
Celebrity Reptiles Stimee v. Mauz S3 Wk5
Most Passes 9 Fresh Princes MGiteau12 at Seathiel Treehawks S1 Wk3
Most Successful Interceptions 1 Seathiel Treehawks Sacerdotalist vs. Thee Grandiose Gladiators S1 Wk1
Darkmoon Blades Leathyndra vs. Skuttle Butts S1 Wk3
The Cold Hard Truth Sestonn at Mauz S2 Wk1
Seathiel Treehawks Sacerdotalist at New Orcland Grunts S2 Wk2
Quelaag’s Khorne Flakes GalfonOrbit at Darvi Bloodwings S2 Wk2
Merthyr Shock’n’Ore shakytumbleweed at Darkmoon Blades S2 Wk3
Skuttle Butts Spawn_Of_Cthulu at Pierre’s Pastries S2 Wk3
Seathiel Treehawks Sacerdotalist vs. Wrecking kru S2 Wk4
Innsmouth Deep Ones Whiskey_Tornado at Nevermoor Ravens S2 Wk4
Thee Grandiose Gladiators TigerShark4NU vs. Mauz S2 Wk8
Cans wes eats it CHASEJJ vs. The Blitzkriegers S3 Wk4
Loren Rockets Ponghines at The Blitzkriegers S3 Wk8
Praag no5 team qwert0258 vs. Gottleib Gladiators S3 Wk8
Granite City Grimbeards Just_Stevie13 at Rodentia Ad Nauseam S4 Wk2
White Owlz The_Stu176 vs. Da Green Fist S4 Wk3
Dignity Sestonn vs. SupeR StreetFighter ElveS S4 Wk4
Leaf Dancers Ponghines at The Blitzkriegers S4 Wk5
Yate Yobz 2.3 S130south vs. White Owlz S4 Wk6
Praag no5 team qwert0258 at Yate Yobz 2.3 S4 Wk7
Innsmouth Deep Ones Whiskey_Tornado at Stop Rolling Ones!!! S4 Wk7
Dignity Sestonn at Just Norsin’ Around S5 Wk2
Mousillon Morningstars sturmjarl vs. Snitchburgh PieRats S5 Wk3
    Praag no5 team qwert0258 vs. The Blitzkriegers S5 Wk3
Most Blocks Succeeded 86 Norse Leap til Brooklyn bortbot18 at Repulsive Ratlings S5 Wk1
Most KOs Inflicted 9 Mauz DaltMc vs. The Dark Oak Deerskins S2 Wk4
Wrecking kru Caven08 vs. Norse Leap til Brooklyn S4 Wk4
Most Injuries Inflicted 7 Wrecking kru Caven08 vs. Norse Leap til Brooklyn S4 Wk4
Los Pumas discodavo vs. Leaf Dancers S5 Wk3
Most Kills Inflicted 3 Da Orcs of Rome eddyeddy202 vs. Skuttle Butts S2 Wk6
New Orcland Grunts preach_mj at The Kentucky Bourbons S4 Wk4
Most Yards Running 200 Nuffle’s Holy Rollers Durrun at Dignity S5 Wk3
Most Yards Passing 122 Dignity Sestonn vs. Nuffle’s Holy Rollers S5 Wk3
Most TDs 6 Rodentia Ad Nauseam ntb_99 at Da Green Fist S4 Wk7
Dignity Sestonn vs. Nuffle’s Holy Rollers S5 Wk3
Most Armour Breaks 27 Solus savers CHASEJJ vs. Princes of Arioch S5 Wk3
Most Players Expelled 3 New Orcland Grunts preach_mj at Mauz S2 Wk6
Thugz of Weldrake Hairy_Warthog at White Owlz S3 Wk6
Solus savers CHASEJJ at Leaping Lizard S4 Wk4


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