Team Tactics and early development

So what is this about?   It is not about winning, and its not about min max.   For me the community is built on helping each other,  us developing together as a community will in turn help us grow together.   I want to see the best environment I can for my own Blood Bowl, and this comes from helping other learn some simple things.

This could be from understanding that an effective way to build a team is this or a poor choice is that,  but not just because I say so but also because of these reasons.   I could also be understanding that games are not won or lost with Dice but with what you do!  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Understanding these basics will help us as a community develop and in turn will improve diversity in races and give us as a collective new and different ways to play but with reason and understanding why.

The current game is often lead by the environments in which we play.  CCL being a prime one where starting with MB or destroying your opponent is the meta,   in a perpetual league this isnt always the way, losses happen and friendships are formed.   Weve all been there where by losing a game we still had great fun and other times your looking for a reason to not turn your game off.


Building a team

First skills,   this has caused me to think,  why does the Online meta generally start with MB over other skills?  I hear reasons like ‘it speeds up my Black Orc or Saurus development’  or ‘I need a killer’

So lets look at what book Bowl is…  Blood Bowl is a game of fish management,  both sides start with ‘an equity’ on the field and in order to give yourself the best chance of winning you need to improve your equity while diminishing your opponents. 

What is the equity made up of i hear you ask?

Coach skill

Racial match up (this can include skills taken on players)

Current score / injuries

so what can we influence?

Current score and injuries for vs against – This at the start of the game starts even,  how you play and how the game evolves impacts here.

Coach skill,  well i guess thats why were here isnt it?  I am writing this with anode in mind but partly expect my mind tone changed.

Racial match up, well there is no one race beats all.   despite what some think there is no easy mode point and click.   You need to get your opponent doing what they dont like and you doing what they do.   Example if you play Dwarfs, spread them out,  make them roll GFI’s push their dice rolling.   if you play tight and dont push them then you are waiting on that failed over 2 block dice.  thats not good.

Ok so I hear you say its a dice game we cant control this…  your right and your wrong.

Its not a dice game its a risk management game where risk is decided using dice.

An example might be I choose to block,  if I roll 1 dice I have more chance of turn over and less chance of knocking my opponent down.   Obvious you say, well. is it I ask?  I take you back to my first statement,  if its that obvious, why start with MB over block?  huh?

First thing to realise when playing Blood Bowl at higher levels is there are no dice,   only choices.  

I can choose when I pick up, I can choose to do it with defenders on the ball or in the open,  if I do it in the open and I fail i give my opponent a hit and ball recovery chance, them I hear the dice are blamed because you rolled a double 1.   yet with good positioning and a screen the double 1 largely speaking does not matter to much.   This in turn gives the false feeling of ‘everything I do fails’ and ‘every thing they do works’ or ‘ im getting diced’

So thats a touch on coach skill,  and a good coach knows when they are down on equity they need to change it.  playing tight will not help, they need to get dicy,  take more risks to get the swing.  if it fails well you was losing anyway.   if it works and you get the swing, you need to see this and change back to playing tight or like a pendulum that swing will swing back again.

So skills.  what are the best starting skill?  im not talking about skill 3 or 4.   im talking your early game building.

Dodge – this brings not only defensive skill but mobility

Block – This is both aggressive and defensive

these two skills are the foundation of any teams players and ‘should be prioritised’ 

you might wish to swap in Wrestle for block at some point.

then its Guard and tackle depending on player roll.

and the third choice imo is MB, Side Step, ball skills like Sure Hands depending on player roll.

so why have i said MB in 3rd choice.

well its a risk game so lets talk numbers.

were going to talk about a 2 Dice block- this is optimum and should always be looked for.

vs a non skilled guy at AV8

your knock down chance with block vs only MB (direct comparison to my opening statement.

75% vs 55%

as you can see 45% of the time your MB is doing nothing, and only 55% of the time it ‘MIGHT’ do something.

AV 8…  to break AV

With out – 28%

With MB – 42%

as we can see this is a big difference, 14 % more change vs AV8 to break AV.  

factor this into the block itself.

With Block is a 21% chance of blocking and breaking AV8 

With out Block is a 23% chance of blocking and breaking AV8

ok so im wrong….  MB is better than Block?  well if your sole interest is blocking and trying to improve a play and only look at this yea sure why not,  but Blood bowl is more complex that this.

now factor in your opponent hitting you, you now have a 21% chance of your AV being broken, if your AV8 and they dont have MB…. and lets be honest they are hitting back..

if you had block with out MB your opponent have now only 15% chance.

so this shows that MB will not only keep you stood longer (20%) but also more likely to allow you to move the next turn (6%) vs an attack with out MB.  (we all ready know that MB will improve this chance of AV break)

not what if you was hitting a Dodge player? 

With Block 55% and AV break remains 28% so total chance of your block breaking AV 8 is 15%

With out Block but with MB 30% and break AV at 42% totalling 12.6%

now MB is not as attractive.  and when Facing a Block player, the MB chances of breaking AV at much better.  15.% vs 23%

but we also now need to factor in one last element.  Chance of turn over.

With block your chance of turn over is 1/36 or 3%

With out block your chances of turn over is higher at 11%

so with all these factors in place, knowing that MB is better slightly for a single minded must Break AV approach, when it comes to winning, you need to manage this risk,  and the 2% loss in AV break vs a skills player is not to be worried about imo when you consider the 8 % different in turn over chance and the 6% chance difference in you getting to move that player after a block is rolled against him.  

now there is one more factor to take into account when ‘Trying to develop’ a player.   If I see two players one with Block and one with out, I will target the one with out, so they will naturally take more hits.  so I ask how does progression work for a player when they are injured or dead?

only last number to throw out is chance of injury 

with Block vs AV8 3.5%

With MB and no block vs AV8 5.5%

so if your chasing SPP to develop a player you gain a whole 2% chance of causing that ink for SPP.  but need to take into account you will be getting hit, giving you more chance your player will be removed, and your turn over chance also increases.

thats a big price to pay for 2%.   esp if you go down on players as this then improves your opponents equity just as early turn overs do.

now I mentioned 2nd Skills,  Guard if you can,  this maximises your 2D hits changing a 50% chance to knock them down to 75% and a 17% turn over chance to 2% assuming you took the block option.  

also the added benefit of Guard if you will take less hits as your opponent will struggle to find favourable blocks.

Tackle eliminates the Dodge improving chances and then and only then might i look at MB unless tackle is covered else where.

Food for thought.

remember there are no Dice.

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