That’s Gonna Leave A Mark: Flat Earth

Bad publicity has been a long running issue with Chaos teams for as long as there have been Chaos teams.  In an effort to help turn around the image of Chaos players and to help give them  voice in the press the Power Hour gave the players a chance to speak for themselves.  Unfortunately for the press the Chaos Warriors for the Power Hour can’t speak and the only beastman that enjoyed the public attention (Odell BeckRAM) had been traded.  But, after some time we did have one player step forward that wanted to share a bit.  Makers Mark came forward and not being able to speak he gave us this.

We aren’t really sure what to make of it… but, it would appear that he holds some bad feeling towards BeckRAM for leaving.  I think we wont let him know the difference between traded and leaving till after the game.


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