The Aftermath

The infirmary was silent, the apothecary was busy with the unconscious skink that lay on the table, Samwise had taken the brunt of the wizards fireball in their last game against the Midnight Howlers, which will always be remembered by coach lazertrip as one of the most brutal games he’d ever been a part of, with so many deaths and injuries for both sides, the opposition Necromancer was busy that day but had done well reviving key players from the dead, the lizard team had no such luxury and could do nothing while their players were being taken from the pitch one by one.

After a few hours the apothecary started packing up his various tools and equipment, God only knows what some of them were for, but coach Lazertrip didn’t question him, just observed while he worked, finally he asked “what’s going to happen with Samwise?” the apothecary carried on packing as he replied, “he’s alive, and may even play again, but this is one serious concussion and I would be wary of him taking anymore big hits, he may not be as resilient as before”. Lazertrip acknowledged with a simple nod and sat quietly as the Apothecary, who’s skill this season has been questionable left the room, he gave one last look at Samwise who was resting before leaving himself to join the rest of the team who were waiting outside.

There were quiet chirps and grunts from the players waiting patiently outside, the room looked a lot smaller than before, with the hulking form of Gandalf the krox and the saurus standing in it there wasn’t much room for anyone else, as coach Lazertrip entered he was met with silence and stares from his concerned team, after a brief moment, Pippin, the only player to fully grasp the common tounge and who often translated for the coach if needed said quietly “how is he boss? Will he still be able to play?” trying not to seem too disheartened by the loss of the game and a serious injury coach Lazertrip took a deep breath before speaking, “yes Samwise will be fine, but recovery will take time” Pippin quickly turned to the team and with a series of chirps and whistles translated for them, they seemed to perk up knowing their friend and teammate would play again and would not let a wizard stop him from tearing up the blood bowl pitch.

Being a relatively new coach, Lazertrip had only spent 2 season with his first ever league team The Lord of the Skinks (I could have chosen a better name) but was slowly picking up the lizard tongue, he decided that it was time for some bad news and in his best chirps he said (or attempted to say) “Gandalf, seeing as I have you here now, we might as well get this over with, please follow me outside…….”

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  1. Poor Gandalf. 😉 – But it is the right choice… Brutality has beset the Lord of the Skinks… But they have a great future ahead of them, I am sure. 🙂

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