The Apocalypse to return S7

(Continues from ‘Introduction to the Apocalypse’..)

A human servant patrolled the perimeter of the room, lighting candles as he went. He was seemingly uninterested in the summery of InGen Apocalypse debut season results being delivered to the Clade masters.

“Which brings me to round 6 of the season”, continued Wyatt, addressing the hideous InGen Corporations Clade masters.
“We met with another team of Lizardmen. An intriguing challenge for us, they carried far more strength and less agility than we do. Ultimately it was that lack of agility that afforded us a respectable draw against them. Both teams were very amicable and despite an ugly foul on him Phelsuma shook hands with each and every opposition lizard post game.”

Saurornitholestes nodded approvingly at this, “Reptiles are the purest of athletes, respect must be shown to our brethren. You did well Phelsuma.”

Wyatt continued: “Our final round was a disaster.. We faced a powerful Orc team, early in the game T-Rex became distracted by a deliciously plump looking Skaven in the crowd. That lead to a desperate attempt to side cage by the skinks. An Orc blitzer was ideally placed to break the cage so Dino Chicken attempted to mark him up. Unfortunately this Orc was especially skilled in Tackle and Dino Chicken took a heavy hit, going off the pitch injured.”

Deinonychus turned to Dino Chicken:”You do not appear injured..”

Dino Chicken:”That Orc hit like a cheerleader, I think he was wearing a Pom Pom!”

Wyatt: “Of course, Dino Chicken recovered quickly.. but the game was eventually lost and with it our chances of a play off position. We also have a Saurus out for the first game of season 7 with a serious injury.”

Saurornitholestes: “This is very disappointing news indeed… But we are not surprised. Your first season in charge was expected to be challenging and is not a failure Wyatt. We have established our franchise and finished with a respectable record.”

Velociraptor:”However, we have heard from our sources that your strategic play is highly controversial among the other reptile coaches… Can you reassure us that InGen will remain competitive with this approach?”

Wyatt:”Highly controversial? You must be referring to how we field more than four skinks. In most cases this could be a concern, but Apocalypse skinks are the best in the league, fearless and versatile. I assure you, orthodoxy is the enemy of progress. With your support I intend to continue making progress into season 7.”

Deinonychus:”Very well, we have made the arrangements to return for another season. Go to the InGen breeding facilities at New Caledonia and Site B, you will find potential replacements for your broken Saurus there.”

Wyatt and the his team returned to the elevator, as they did they passed the curious human lighting candles. There was something in his eyes that brought a chill to the bones, as if they were forced to look constantly upon the decay of hope. Wyatt had paused facing the man and was about to speak when Dino Chicken bumped into him. “Come coach, I am eager to train.” Wyatt stumbled and glanced only briefly at the candle man again as he turned to leave.

(Thanks to all the great coaches in my play pool during season 6. Looking forwards to the next season!)

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