The Aristotle Agyrazkodas Files Pt. 3

Aristotle Agyrazkodas turned away from the Cabalvision Crystal Ball coverage in which he witnessed the “Main Event” in terms of “Thrills, Spills & Kills” in his investment portfolio known as the Killadelfia Jinxers who with the potpourri of a Warpstone-riddled Troll, Skaven and Goblins managed a 2-0 “W” all because the Yapple Dapplers (Goblins) refused to come out of their own stadium’s locker rooms at the prospect of being pulverized by the “twin torpedoes of terror” the most loyal of barrackers know as Znikch Cotherstone and Ethrol Oglesfield or maybe getting strangled by the flailing tentacles of Grimgrowl Shatterspear.  The sweetened smell of success pleased him more than anything especially the struggling Thakareedu Virus platoon that turned in a 1-1-5 season in the MML which therefore was to signal a new vision as he was hunched over the richly embellished lacquered oakwood desk laying out administrative paperwork.

The timeworn hinges on his office doors squeaked as a former Green Knoll Gourmet ‘Fling, Marvin Kettleworth, stuck his head in and announced the arrival of a guest who spoke of signing a contract for the approaching MML season as the Thakareedu Virus was dissolved and “Ol’ Man ‘Stot’…” had just signed another touring team called the Gunnarsholt Ulfrskari (Norse) who in their first trio of games are victorious in each and every match and scored seven touchdowns compared to the zero of their opponents and even “pitch-cleared” a Chaos team in the debut game. A robed individual flamboyantly sauntered into the office with a distinctive style he had seen somewhere before in his days with the Port Blacksand ‘Bucklers. The figure moved towards the desk and said “Let demolish some filthy greenskins” before writing his signature on the contract…the name was “Wurlitzer” Czechkowski…


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