The Aristotle Agyrazkodas Files Pt 5

Aristotle Agyrazkodas artfully examined the St. Mahlbuerne Pioneers roster in the aftermath of a bamboozling blitzkrieg delivered by the “pointy-eared pansies” more commonly recognized around Blood Bowl circles as the Redwood Rangers boasting some phenomenal Wardancers that perhaps only some of the Vampire Counts from his latest venture, the Rozlivka Province Damned, might have had half a chance at stopping DEAD !!! in their tracks. All comparisons barbarically shoved aside, the “Wurlitzer” Czechkowski captained crew is 0-2-2 with Skaven, Orcs and Undead on the horizon. Now we turn our attention to Marvin Kettleworth at the Mattaki Mitsuji Metroplex where he is joined by the Pioneers MVP, Anderson Halifax…

Marvin Kettleworth: Anderson, the St. Mahlbuerne faithful bestowed the honour of MVP on you which must have pushed your morale through the roof. What will you working on between now and the Bartertown Scavengers game in the next round ???

Anderson Halifax: The foundational skills such as Block and Tackle as the Gutter Runners aren’t going down easily for we’re being optimistic in our outlook against them, but with agility abound and only “Wurlitzer” and Sinclair having achieved any level of stopping those repugnant Elven folks and scampering lil’ turds like Goblins, Halflings and them bulgy-eyed buggers known as Skinks, we might obviously struggle again and hopefully not to the tune of 1-4.

Marvin Kettleworth: Will the return of Rueben Lantana provide a spark that Alexander Gembrook couldn’t get started or shall we see a hobbled version of “R.L.” on the pitch next round ???

Anderson Halifax: Rueben’s uncanny ability to predict where the pigskin is going to land is a pivotal piece of our drives on “O” and he can definitely take a hit, yet preferably not from Rat Ogres, Black Orcs and Mummies, all of which will be coming up in approaching matches. Alexander is playing second fiddle for his passing prowess was on display today as Israel Charlton was the beneficiary of some receptions and gradually bolting in for an elusive touchdown of very little consequence.

Marvin Kettleworth: Last Q for you, Anderson, what team do you want to chalk up the first victory against the most out of the remaining teams ???

Anderson Halifax: I personally know that given the fact “Wurlitzer” Czechkowski was orphaned by an Orc raid on his village as a child, it’s the “Greenskins” for certain and I think no pun intended will give us the “green” light to stomp on them to our hearts content should the game escape us !!!

Marvin Kettleworth: Well the Pioneers are navigating through some tumultuous waters on their maiden voyage in the MML, but it’s good to see the spirits aren’t sinking like they did last season with the Thakareedu Virus (Nurgle) for I’m Marvin Kettleworth signing out and looking for something to stuff my face with !!!


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