The Art of Norse Part 2.

Norse news around the league, Coach Shadow_Webster and the champions of valhalla had to withdraw from the mml. My norse took a substantial blow in week 2 as well.

The roster continued.

Norse runners 0-2 7337 they start with block and dauntless g/a on normals s/p on doubles. For single rolls dodge, sure hands, side step, is a good way to build one as a ball carrier. With the increased movement you could also build one as a safety with dodge, tackle, strip ball, and side step, if you get plus agility give him leap. I would recommend taking plus movement if you get it. Same with plus agility, and plus strength.

Not a whole lot to say with the runners they are a below average runner but have great movement for a agility 3 team.

Norse throwers 0-2 6337 they start with block and pass. Word of warning with these guys they are not very good because you have the runners, that said with doubles they get pretty good. g/p on normal and a/s on doubles, For single rolls sure hands, accurate, kick off return, are what I would give him if he lives long enough for a fourth skill if he does make it that long dump off or nerves of steel are good with no doubles or stats I would definitely think about rerolling him by then. I would definitely take the plus movement, plus agility and plus strength are incredible.

I don’t really recommend taking him over the runner but he can be good.

For the last norse player we have the big guy!

Yhetee 0-1 5518 He comes with claws, disturbing presence, wild animal, loner, frenzy. S on normals a/g/p on doubles. First skill with him should be mighty blow unless you roll doubles in which case block. After that guard. Again when/if you doubles always give him block, then if you get more doubles tackle or pro. Other skill options are Piling on, multiple block, and stand firm, and juggernaut. If you do take piling on you have to blitz with him every turn.

You really need your yheetie with claw he is your only hope vs bash teams.

Hope you all enjoyed this much shorter episode.




  1. A bit of clarification that I didn’t put in. The reason norse throwers are bad is they are human throwers for 10k more -1 av and trades sure hands for the sometimes worse block.

  2. Thanks for the write up Chase! I love Norse. Love playing them and have a lot of fun with them! 🙂

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