The Art of Norse Part 3.


In this episode we will be going over starting rosters.

The “Kill Them All” roster.

2 Ulferwerners 110k each.

2 Bezerkers 90k each.

1 Yhetee 140k.

6 Norse Linemen 50k each.

2 Rerolls 60k each at the start 120k after your first game.

With 40k in the bank this leaves you you guaranteed to have an apo after your first game.

This is the starting lineup that I recommend for the farm, or if you want to take the team to the pros/challenge league. (If for some reason you are reading this but are not in the mml; if your on ps4 join! If not then your private league ladder or round robin) The yhetee gives you an advantage over bash early on and at higher tv he should have mb, guard, and hopefully block. The runner is a spp hog I recommend buying him after the bezerkers and ulfs get 2 skills.

The “I Should Just Play Humans” roster.

2 Ulferwerners 110k each.

2 Bezerkers 90k each.

1 Thrower 70k.

1 Runner 90k.

5 Norse Linemen 50k each.

3 Rerolls and 10k in the bank or 2 Rerolls, 1 apo.

I know I said that the thrower is bad and he kind of is. But this is actually the build I recommend IF you are playing a 4-8 game tournament and its fresh teams only. I find this to be the build that is easiest to score with, as norse below 1200tv are suboptimal and having a thrower plus runner helps. I personally prefer 3 Rerolls and 10k to the apo, rather then having to save up for the 3rd Reroll.

This has been a fairly short episode but the next one will be longer.


  1. Nice article Chase. I’m not a big fan of playing norse. But, you highlight the strengths nicely.

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