The Art of Norse Part 4.

So you think you want to norse?

The match ups.

Humans. At any tv this is a middle of the road match up could be good could be bad depends on dice, build, and coaches.

Orcs. This is hands down your WORST match up in bb2, not only should you lose but you should lose horribly. Like taking a butter knife to a cannon fight, hope that your armor magically holds and that your yheetie feels like going on a spree.

Dorfs. They are interesting…. although they will outbash you, you are faster and with good positiong should be able to surf them.

Skaven. Below 1300tv Skaven are a nemesis, they just are flat out better then you. 1300-1500tv they are rough but if you can injure them they are doable. Above 1500tv you should win as you should be able to remove skaven almost at will.

High Elves. Below 1500tv this (and most teams) are a rough match up, above 1500tv this is one of your best match ups. Easy to injure and they dont outbash or outrun you. A dream for norse.

Dark Elves. Sadly I cant really comment on this as I have almost never played Norse vs Dark Elves.

Chaos. Out of your fellow bash teams this is the best match up. Purely because they are mostly av 8. However good tactics and proper use of frenzy will be key.

Bretonians. Bretonians are not good vs any team really. Take out  the peasants and yeoman and they will fall.

Wood elves. Out of the elf teams your worst match up. Faster then you and can generally make your life miserable, hope that you can injure them.

Norse. A bad match up. At least one side will get wreaked most likely both, but hey it will be intertaning.

Lizards. Another middle of the road team (unless its doneagles leaping lizards) you are well built to take them out so its not as bad as some yheetie is great for dealing with the sari, and ulfs great for dealing with skinks.

Undead. Another bad match up, mummies hurt a lot and regen is the bane of your existence hope regen fails and you will get places. Otherwise you will most likely lose.

Necromatic. Norse on steroids they do everything you do better, one of your worst match ups.

Nurgle. Two words. Foul Apperance.

Final episode hopefully next week.


  1. Maybe your articles will inspire others so you don’t have to be the last Norse coach. Good summary bud.

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