The big 50

So another season finished with Big Hope. Their last game would be their 50th match of the team’s history and what a match it would turn out to be.

You can’t beat a good blue-ribbon stunty off, and goblins vs ogres matches don’t come up that often, but when they do you know there will be blood, gore and a whole lot of cheating going on.

A match like this always brings the stars out and Morg N Thorg had been persuaded to play for the goblins; he would be a one-ogre bulldozer machine causing carnage on the field!

Big Hope got the kick off; their game plan was put in the safe hands of Inspired, who was to go up the pitch and score.

Well, the first few minutes of the match didn’t give the coach much hope at all. Inspired forgot how to pick up the ball and the six pack soon become 5 as Morg sent his brother from another mother, Gotcha Attitude, to the big pitch in the sky; (Gotcha had been one of the original members of Big Hope and will be sadly missed by his team mates and his better half, Don’t Give Me). But it seemed that gave the team the kind of momentum, focus and inspiration they needed, and they slowly moved up the pitch; just before half time Inspired found himself in the end zone. Giver, the gnoblar: well, he again let the atmosphere get to him and just tried too hard; he was sent off for accidentally stamping on someone (yet again).

The first half came to the end with Out of the Ashes stopping a potential promising break away goblin attack. In the second half the ogres did their best to keep the goblins at bay, trying to block off potential corridors and keeping them in their own half. The pressure paid off and after Morlet chainsaw malfunctioned (after trying to hit Getting Better), dropping the ball, Getting Better (GB to his friends) pounced on it and ran in upfield to score between the post, late on and sealing the win.

That was the first win for Big Hope for the session and a fitting way to end the session and see in their 50th match. Out of the original 12 members who started the first match only Giver and Inspired now remain, and Giver was the only one to have been on the pitch, all be it probably not for long, for all 50.

The coach could see potential yet again in the team. Could they try to reach the chosen land of the pros again next session? Well, they would certainly give it a bloody good try.

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