The Boss In The Shadows Part 3

So here we are, we have finally arrived at the Gold Cay Island I looked at Steve its going to be fine mate we knew this day was coming. I could sense Steve wasnt happy, it was a hot summers day the heat was stifling and only reason it wasn’t blinding me was because Gerd Michaels huge frame was blotting out the suns rays. He never left my side so it was going to be even harder for him to let me tread the path alone.  But tread the path alone I must since we have started our journey from the challenge league upto the rise to the pros and called the mansion our home we have been dealing with his underlings who people have mistaken for the boss. Ive known all along that it wasn’t him as i’ve met him before and just had to play possum to it all to please everyone else and to protect the four Horsemen.

As i said my farewells to the pack and left the Yacht I once again started the long walk to meet the boss and get orders for the next part of my journey. Wasn’t impressed with the conference the boss had chosen for me but I believed there must have been a very good reason to put me in there

The last couple of weeks had been disturbing for me and the cowboys, the letters kept coming kill Gorbag and Gorbag must die was basically the jist of the notes but I was sure it wasnt from the Boss he didnt work like that. They was obviously an imposter who was trying to derail the #4Horsemen plan. You see the problem with plans is they are always changing if a better plan comes along then the plan gets changed. I knew the plan was to do with the leaving of the #4Horsemen I had known this from the creation when the boss took me to a side and told me of his bigger plan his vision for a better more powerful money making racket for the MML one that would finally get rid of the cursed Goblin Gambling.

I finally arrived at my destination and true to form another Mansion this time hidden in the depths of the jungle. obviously it was alot more swanky then mine though maybe I need to ask for a pay rise now im in the pros I thought to myself. Two Saurus Warriors guarded the door they was hulking monstrosities would  strike the fear into many including me luckily I knew them it was the bosses personal gate keepers Ben and Jerry. Now i know what you are going to say why call two scary beasts ben and jerry, well the story is that the boss while out hunting came across two saurus infants while eating some ben and jerry’s ice cream so seeing the potential of having two loyal saurus by his side he took them under his wing and called them ben and jerry. He is expecting you Bernie as Ben opened the hulking doors for me to proceed I nodded and stepped into the mansion.

As I entered I looked around there was plenty of memorabillia on the walls and on tables around me. It was like a shrine to the MML there was the dignity rock that ended Conor Mcgregor career in the MML bloodstains and all. The original Rez trophy what was given to reznor rules you in the meet up in America hmm i wonder if rez knew they gave him a cheap replica I chuckled to myself. Even a parchment of the members of the Secret Order with names of all members on it obviously it would of been rude of me not to have read it, wow really didnt know he was a member. A Dartboard with a picture of white owlz coach stu on it with darts covering parts of his face signed by Josiah Frost. Then there was a well worn book called How to become almost as good as me by Triperis seemed to have been read alot maybe the boss has been trying to learn from the current champ. Even had a stuffed toy of the late Shawn Michaels signed by Shawn and Seriousjest my heart sank when I saw it I didn’t know that the boss liked the wolfpack.

Anyway enough of the trip down memory lane time to go and meet the boss as I went up countless stairs what felt never ending, I was wondering what the rest of the MML will think of him coming out of the Shadows? How will it change the franchise and the playing field of the MML, to be quite honest im surprised he is coming out the more i think of it.  Finally I got to the bosses room and went in he was already sat in his leather chair with his back to me stirring out of one of his many huge windows. In dramatic fashion he swung his chair round and looked at me he gestured me to take a seat what I did, and then I spoke now then Preach what can I do for you.

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