The Boss In The Shadows Part 4

Ok Preach now I know for a fact your not the Boss In The Shadows, so my question is why are you here and what can I do for you? Bernie its not me perse who needs an audience with you its these guys. I Turned around and saw Six coaches of the MML stood looking at me. I looked back at Preach and he said hey man im a sucker for bacon lots and lots of bacon every one has a price and with that he left.

I recognised the coaches after all they are MML Coaches so no surprise there the leader Stompa spoke. Bernie we have been watching your progress very carefully since the Plague Ridden Cowboys entered the league . We see everything Bernie and your boss isnt helping you one bit he is actually hurting the four horsemen, have you ever wondered why after reaching the final they shipped you off to America when you should of been competing from your mansion in England? I started to think you know what they have a point why on earth was I shipped off to america to the conference of death I thought okay lets listen to these guys see if they are going somewhere good. Okay stompa you have my attention keep going, well they never thought you would get to the pros there mission was to keep you stuck in the challenge league, you was never meant to succeed the listening bugs your wolfpack found in your mansion and the traps what was set to thwart your progress was set by none other then your star runner Plague Storm! He was a spy for Goblin Gambling, and Im sorry we had to take him out to protect you guys. Beerz then stepped forward and showed me video footage of the dastardly deeds and i was gutted how could he betray us we was his family.

Your boss owes Goblin Gambling a lot of money and our watchers in the dark tell us that the Goblin Gambling have lost patience with him and rumours are they are going to kidnap him  so if I was you I would get out while you can.  So why are you guys trying to help me its all great and all but there is always a price for stuff like this. Its this simple our shaman prophesied there was 7 of us, 7 coaches to rule them all, I have bided my time while the shaman called out each one of you and finally your name came out as the last member of the sinister seven. It is your destiny Bernie to join us and help us bring down the corrupt Goblin Gambling who run the MML from the Shadows. This task falls to the seven of us and only we can fulfill the destiny of bringing balance to the MML if we fail then the MML will be lost forever to the evil that is Goblin Gambling.
Then Coach Berzo spoke and to sweeten the deal we will help you take out that Rat Pack  you have been after you know the one that killed Shawn Michaels. They are in my Playpool join us and consider them dead. Make no mistake though Goblin Gambling will spin this and make you out to be a traitor to the Horsemen and the boss will spin them a glorious story how you have betrayed them all but the Sinister have your back all you have to do is join our crusade and help us save the MML.
Just then Steve and Gerd entered the room, Steve looked at Bernie and said we got a problem here? I smiled and said, no we dont Steve we have a new family, and with that Bernie shook everyone of the sinister members hands, Mercy Flush,Berzo,Proudstar,Beerz,ChaseJJ and Stompa and now we ride shouted Bernie he quickly noticed the not impressed looks on his new comrades faces! Sorry guys a force of habit, the sinister lot looked at one another and then everyone laughed.
The Circle is complete the Sinister 7 are now ready for action, week 3 couldn’t come soon enough.

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