The Coach Who Never Played… The beginning of the Delaware Dwarf Union

Many moons ago, a young lad was sitting in the stands taking in all the spectacles as the two teams entered the pitch. His father, Falko Weisgerber sat behind him, discussing private matters with the team owner. Falko was known across the land as being a prominent figure for owning and operating a vast majority of McMurty’s food stands within this region. On this particular day, he was meeting with the owner of the Elfheim Eagles to discuss erecting a McMurty’s within the grounds of their complex. His son, Astolfo, paid his father’s conversation no mind as he knew it was not any of his business. He watched as the Darkside Cowboys received the initial kickoff, and the whole game was a back and forth defensive battle; where suddenly the star player for Elfheim ran it in for the one and only score of the game, thus winning the game for the home team. As the game ended and the teams were heading back into their respective locker rooms, a young elven player approached Astolfo and ceremoniously presented him with the game ball. This player was the young Fennel Tallelm.

Having a long trip ahead of them, Falko decided it was time to head home with his son. Along the way, the father and son spoke about the great action they have witnessed…

“So son, what did you think of that game? Quite a show of strength and agility, wasn’t it?”

“It was absolutely an amazing thing to see with my own eyes…” Replied Astolfo. “Everything from the action on the field to the chants of the spectators was an absolute spectacle. You know father, after seeing that; I would love to one day make it out on the pitch to take part in such a wonderful show.”

With this, his father just looked away, knowing the boy’s mother would never approve of their son partaking in such a violent sport.

“What’s wrong father?” the young boy asked.

“Nothing Astolfo. Just thinking to myself how your mother would never approve of you taking the pitch in such a sport. She would be afraid that her only child would become nothing more than another sacrifice to Nuffle. However, with true determination and dedication, you can grow up to do whatever your dreams may lead you to do. Now get some sleep son. We have a long trip ahead of us and you have classes in the morning.

With this, the lad drifted slowly off to sleep; still cradling the ball securely and visions of being out amongst the players going through his mind.

The following day the boy was telling his classmates about the action on the pitch that his father and him witnessed. He told them how Fennel Tallelm walked up to him and gave him the real ball that was used in that particular game. He told them everything, but when he told them that he was going to grow up and become a star player himself; the whole class just laughed at him.

“Astolfo…” Egon Mohr; who was the most cynical of all his classmates, exclaimed “How are you ever going to be able to play. We are all the same age here, but even the girls in our class have twice as much strength as you”

All throughout his school years, young Astolfo faced much ridicule from his classmates whenever it came to this subject. Even though he tried out for the school team time after time without success, this young boy never did forget what his father told him that night as they were leaving the stadium after seeing his first live match. With all of the setbacks, he just grew more determined and started to learn everything he could about the game. Reading book after book on the sport and going to any game he had a chance to get to, his education of the sport grew to an all time high.

Seeing the hurt and anguish in Astolfo’s eyes grow as he got older and realized more with each passing day that his son’s dream of making it out onto the pitch may never come true; Falko decided the time has come to have a serious discussion with him.

“Astolfo… It is such a gorgeous day today. Come outside with your father and let’s take a little walk” Falko yelled up the stairs.

“Sure father. Be right down”

Astolfo bounded down the stairs and stopped to assist his now aging father in putting on his coat before they headed out the door.

“Son. You have become a great and wise young man and I feel as if it is time for us to have this talk. With you growing older and me becoming more frail with each day; I believe it has come to a crossroads at which you must make a very important decision that will ultimately affect your future. I have grown very close to reaching my end of days and I will need someone to step up as a replacement to run the family business. I do also know that your heart is not truly interested in anything that has to do with McMurty’s. I have paid much attention over the years to your dedication. I have seen how you devoted your heart to learn everything you can about the sport of Blood Bowl”

With a blankness over his eyes, Astolfo just stared at his father…. wondering what he was to say next.

Falko continued, “Astolfo. I am certain with all the studying you have done, you probably know more about the sport than which most players even do. Although you may never actually take the pitch to play the game, I am certain you have enough knowledge about the sport to be a successful coach. I have secretly made the decision to sell my share in McMurty’s and would like to give you the money to possibly find some recruits who would be interested in playing with you as their coach.”

With this, a tear started forming at the corner of Astolfo’s eye…

“Father, this is greater than anything I have ever dreamed of. Even greater than my dreams of playing the game myself. It would be a great honor of mine to bide by your wishes and create a team in tribute to you. I do however have one question for you though. Can you possibly suggest where I may go to start looking to find beings willing enough to possibly sacrifice their blood to Nuffle by partaking in this sport?”

“Well son,” his father replied… “I did have this conversation with your mother shortly before her final days approached. She informed me that her brother who lives in the valley south of us hired a small band of dwarves to elp him tend the fields after their mine was closed off. I can not promise that the sale of our business would be enough to fully finance a team; however, I do know dwarves will be willing to work for a very low price. Most of them would even work for free as long as you were able to provide them with enough mead to keep their morale at a higher than standard level.”

And this, my friends, is the story of how a small band of dwarves came to be known as the Delaware Dwarf Union with Astolfo Weisgerber as their coach….


  1. Great opening story Jjaw. Very much looking forward to the team growing and their story continuing

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