The Cold Hard Truth after their first loss in the MML

The Cold Hard Truth after their first loss in the MML

We managed to catch up with The Cold Hard Truth after their devastating loss to the Seathiel Treehawks.  Coach Sestonn was willing to answer a few questions.


Q:  How does it feel to suffer your first loss in the MML pros?

A:  That’s a stupid question.  It sucks.  It is supposed to suck, and it does.  I hope your other questions are more thought out or this is going to be a short interview.


Q:  Can you tell us what went wrong in that match?

A:  I could blame the skinks for their disastrous attempts to pick up the ball.  Every time the ball was kicked to us, they fumbled it back to the ground.  The last quarter was the worst.  And yes, the skinks, all five of them, will be drilling on ball pick up exercises until they drop.  We have to get to the point where picking up the ball is habit.  That being said, our loss was not due to the skink’s lack of agility.  I was overconfident.  I failed to notice the jump up ability on an opposing player and did not properly cover him or the ball, despite having plenty of available players to do so.


Q:  So you blame the loss on yourself?

A:  Absolutely.  But the lesson is learned.  In our next match you will see The Cold Hard Truth return to form.


Q:  How did you know the crowd was planning to kill that Seathiel Treehawk Wardancer?  You did promise his death on multiple occasions during your taunts with Coach Sacerdotalist.

A:  Those were just taunts, with a dash of wishful thinking.  But the crowd was calling for blood.  Multiple members of the MML were calling for that player’s death, and the fans were wound tight.  Every block thrown against that wardancer got the crowd roaring.  They were ready.  I knew they were ready.  All I was hoping for was a knock out, but I was thrilled to see the fans take out such a dangerous opponent, and I am sure the rest of the league is as well.  Let that be a lesson to all MML coaches.  Even the fans can be dangerous once they get excited.


Q:  Your next game is against New Orcland Grunts, how do you feel that particular matchup?

A:  I am excited to be playing against a bashy team again.  They are much easier to outmaneuver than those pesky wood elves.  I think that if I keep my head on straight and the team goes back to depending on each other, then we will be able to perform at the top level that Truth fans are expecting from us.


Q:  Does that mean you expect victory?

A:  It means that I expect to play a strong tactical match that the Truth fans can be proud of, whether we win or lose.  New Orcland Grunts are coming off of a win and are looking sharp in our conference.  But after last week’s game, I am more interested in making no mistakes than I am in finding victory.  Some things are more important that a win.