The Contract

The Rat’s Nest had been relatively quiet since the breakout. The team, knowing the ways of Goblin Gambling, was always on full alert. For the Skaven this was not much different than a regular day: their society revolved around treachery and backstabbing. For coach StuffnJunk the suspense was a living thing, another enemy to struggle against.

More coaches were opening their eyes to the reality of Goblin Gambling. More_Shots had escaped Orcatraz successfully and fled back East. As a result of the return of the head of the APO Union the apothecaries in the Mead and Mayhem League seemed to be helpful again: there were fewer Groin Strains resulting in complications and Death.

Coach SeriousJest still attended the sewer meetings when asked. The Human Beings seemed to be under new management but they were still a team and still mostly healthy. Those young men deserved a rest: they were casualties of a war they didn’t even know was raging on.

Rumors even circulated that Coach Hairy_Warthog had been forced into hiding after shunning Goblin Gambling. If his contacts were correct Hairy was living with the extended family of Nurgre the Lethal. The plague-ridden villages served Nurgle and He blessed them greatly. Coach Stuff worried about contacting him: it could be nothing more than a trap or he could prove to be a powerful ally.

The Skaven of the MML had formed the #oneclan for protection against a growing number of enemies. This has apparently angered the Company as C.A.T.S. attacks have increased. Coach Stuff believed that GG was the money behind the organization. How else could they afford so many Dignity Rocks?

Even with the pressure, the team must go on. They would prove that the Company could be defeated. And that’s why the Contract was drafted.

Coach StuffnJunk placed the Contract in front of Seek. The little rat was noticeably nervous about being left alone with him. Destroy was left on the pitch: his smell had returned and it was nearly unbearable to the human nose.

Eyes darting back and forth the twisted rat creature read the Contract.

“What this paper-thing? It read-say man-thing want-give payment to Seek & Destroy for fight-play Blood Bowl. Man-thing won life of Seek & Destroy when his team-warriors defeated us on the pitch!”

“I don’t see it that way. You were an enemy but your participation in the battle to free More_Shots proved you could be an ally. Everyone who plays for this team does so willingly and they are paid for their service. We keep no Skavenslaves here. Goblin Gambling believed you were dead. They even wrote it off as a ‘training accident’. Play for us, fight for us, and you will be rewarded. Sign the contract and you join us. Don’t, and you go free.”

Seek used a sharpened claw dipped in a pool of black ink to scrawl his name on the bottom of the parchment.

Seek & Destroy took the field as a full member of the Repulsive Ratlings in the game against the Princes of Arioch. The elves were able to skillfully dodge away from their grasp. They smashed peasants in the game against the Mousillon Morningstars. The lizards of Aztec Gold appeared to be their next victims.

The conversion of enemies to friends gave Coach Stuff hope that the battle could be won. The ferocity of Destroy and the shrieks of glee coming from Seek seemed to be signs that everything would be okay.


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