The curse in due course.

As he sat across the piercing gaze of the Vampires, the Mad Coach Gio Hacekas wished he had the mind reading capabilities of his players. Their first season in the MML Pro-League had been nothing short of a catastrophe. They had won a couple of games and even managed to draw against the legendary Hopeless Necromantics; but he had the inexplicable feeling that they could have done much better. The results during the Challenger League had been almost optimal, so he couldn’t help but wonder what had changed.

Now that he knew, he felt like a fool. He was wide aware that he had fallen on the wrong side of every gods’ favour a long time ago; but he had learnt to turn that into an advantage by adapting his game strategy accordingly. Logic mandates that when you already know the outcome of an event, you are more than able to modify the variables in order to shift it to your benefit. Unfortunately, the Vampires had never told him that they too were cursed.

Earl Lee Chris Mass had proceeded to narrate how they once ruled their lands with abundant splendor and bountiful joy. He meticulously described all the riches they had gathered and how blind they became with desire for even more. Absolute power became their sole purpose in unlife and they sought to get it by any and all means. In order to acquire godlike power, they made the foolish mistake of defying the will of an ancient god and destroyed that god’s sacred bangle… the Bangle of Supay.

As soon as they had revealed their shameful secret, they became even paler. Gio Hacekas didn’t need to explain how he had also been affected by the Bangle of Supay in the past; they could read his mind like an open book. They actually shivered in fear at the thought of once again having to deal with Supay and his accursed Bangle; they were so frightened that their hearts even beat once at unison. 

However, they soon forgot their fear as they became perplexed by the grin on the face of Gio Hacekas. It actually took them a while to understand and properly read the thoughts of the Mad Coach. But revelation came with the clarity of the sun. Logic mandates that when you already know the variables of an event, you are more than able to modify the outcome; and now they finally had all the variables.

– Well, my dear friends. Now that the skeletons are out of the closet, we can start again. And please, I know that the mere thought of embracing our curses to change them into strengths might sound outright crazy; but it’s the best chance we got. I know that other teams might have divine providence… but we must focus on what we have to do and forget about what others are doing. Who knows… maybe a cursed bestowed upon twice… is actually a blessing.

Gio Hacekas got up, turned around and broke the mirror on the wall before walking under a ladder on his way out.

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