The Dark Side of The ‘Happy’ Pumpkins?

DwarfGiant reclined in his office chair, a broad grin on his face. Finally his team had come good and delivered a performance worth celebrating – a victory against the lauded Midnight Howlers. Life was good. The season had been a bit shaky up to this point but hopefully this was the next step towards this seasons goal – a bowl game.

He flicked through his newspaper, starting at the sports pages. Apparently there was a rumour of some rookie Goblin who had recently scored a touch down many were considering the greatest ever.The Flying Peoples Elbow they were calling it. Apparently this goblin had been thrown like a missile down field crippling the ball carrier – he proceeded to pick up the ball, strolling in for a first turn defensive score. Matt Soarin’ was his name. One to keep an eye on DwarfGiant thought.

It had been a fine week – the Wizard had done as he was told this time after being threatened with being fed raw to Bellyguff. DwarfGiant’s peace was quickly disturbed. A knock at the door. ‘What is it? Get in here if it’s important’.

A scruffy looking human shuffled in. ‘Hi, I’m John Thomas – sports writer for ‘The SmashMouth’, Blood Bowl focused magazine’. DwarfGiant could see it now – fame and recognition at last. He could bask in recent glory and wax lyrical about his tactical knowledge. Grinning, he replied ‘Hello John, what would you like to know?’

John Thomas hesitated and then asked… ‘How do you respond to accusations of intimidation, bribery, illegal behaviour and murder? The Order of the Holy Squirrels had most of their team in the injury box in your last game and last season you were one of the more lethal teams I believe.’

‘Is it coincidence that not long after you played the Armageddon Avengers, The White Owls, The Harrelsons, Blitzkriekers and The Grimbeards they all quickly *retired* some immediately after you played them? There are rumours that the coach of The Midnight Howlers also considered tendering his resignation post game this week.You are after all the longest serving team in your conference – after only one season! The Wizards guild have also heard murmurings about threats. How do you respond to these accusations? There is even talk that other teams may be sabotaging your transport to and from games to avoid playing you?’ John Thomas kept a straight face – he felt he had the beginnings of  a scandal that Kris Terd would be proud to report on.

DwarfGiant’s face turned red, a dark expression spreading. Through gritted teeth he muttered ‘No comment – get out.’ It seemed like someone had loose lips… Nuffle help them when he found out who.

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