The Disputed Lands Conference Champions – Harrelsons

This was the game all the fans of the FUN/DLC were waiting for: Both teams had their play-off seats locked up before the game, dominating the division. Harrelsons and Carrion Savants certainly left their mark ind the Disputed Land’s regular season. With full and healthy rosters the fans were expecting a showing off of skills, with the players doing victory laps around the stadium, the Savants’ Dinner Theatre, but when the players moved on to the pitch, you just felt something was off:

The Savants’ coach, Dymntd, entered the stadium accompanied by Arkhan the Black and you could see it in their eyes – they were up to no good eyballing the Harralsons’ Wardance brothers Flying Fists and Dancing Leaves. After instructing Arkhan, Dymntd moved over to the Referees booth dragging an insanly massive bad of gold coins behind him. Harrelsons’ Coach LouLizCSC was terrified. What was planned to be a celebration of the sport’s beauty was set up to be an assassination fest. He was alrady imagining the headlines ‘Slaughter at the Red Blocking’, ‘Wardance Brothers brutally stabbed to death’, ‘This made The Rains of Castamere look like a regular dinner party’, so he called an impromto team meeting: ‘Guys, this s not gonna be the party we all wanted. Keep your focus, play your best and just….make it.’

The Harrelsons recived the ball and abviously wanted to clearify that there is only one true champion in the DLC. Hilmar the Healer yelled o couple of commands to the line, everybody else gave it a quick nod and off it went. Flying Fists went through the D-Line coming up in their backs, throwing a quick punch. Sililith Sprintchamp stepped aside from the falling body and nothing but freshly cut grass between him and the end zone. Hilmar knew what he had to, picked up the ball and set up Sililith with an absolutely stunning pass to take the lead for Clan Harrelson.

Still being pumped by their early start Harrelsons decided to keep up the pressure blitzing inte the undead’s territory right after kicking. Irritated by that, the ghouls did not manage to pick up the ball and it was again Flying Fists to throw the punch knocking down that ghoul next to the ball, picking it up. Dymntd had enough ‘Kill them – all of them’. Taking no time his guys stormed onto Flying Fists, two guys grabbing him and a wight running in with spiked gloves. Still trying to hold on to the Ball, he went down, bleeding, hurt. LouLiz had to get him off the pitch right away and we still don’t know about his condition. He will probably miss the opening match of the playoffs.

Harrelsons’ former coach, Herrmann Gerschweiler who was at the sideline reporting for us stated right away: ‘This is bad coaching. You don’t leave your wardancers exposed like this. You should keep them away from the ball where they are safe. I totally disagree with all of coach LouLiz’ decisions so far. This is not how you play the game.’ Gerschweiler is still looking for a coaching position on one of the MML’s teams.

Wanting to take revenge for his brother Dancing Leaves jumped up, trying to kill the first ghoul in his line of sight. slipping a bit, he only managed to push him onto the ball when again Sililith Sprintchamp saw his opportunity. He grabbed the ball (guarded by a nasty wight and this time it was the other way around. He saw Hilmar close to the endzone waving his arms. The pass went straight in his direction but he got nervous fumbeling the ball trying to control it. One of the wights saw his opportunity, knocking Hilmar down, picking up the ball and deciding how to even the score, only knocked down elves in front of him. But there was still dancing leaves. Jumping up, stripping the ball right out of the wight’s dirty hands, he ran into the end zone. 2-0.

The undead tried everything to still score but it was again Dancing Leaves who ended the Savant’s drive right before halftime. Dymntd had enough. He looked over to Arkhan, they gave each other a quick nod and…..BOOOM…Dancing Leaves was struck by a lightning bolt. The crowd was silent. No noise. You could hear Dancing Leaves’ last breath and then. Nothing. No Heartbeat, not breathing. He was dead. Harrelsons’ star player dead. Assassinated by Arkham the Black. LouLiz and Hilmar looked at each other and now there was a quick nod between them. From out of nowhere, two elves came onto the field carring the dead body off as the Savants still tryied to score.

With the crowd, the media, Twerper not talking about the score but only about their favorite Wardancer’s death the teams came out of the locker rooms lining up for the Savants chance to still win it.  And there he was. Dancing Leaves without a scratch, unharmed. Dymntd could not belive his eyes, looking at Arkhan, who was leaving the stadium shouting all types of racial slurs towards the two smiling elf-doctors by the sidelines. The undead’s coach went over to the ref. ‘Wasn’t it enough to buy this game? Here, take more!’ And now the gloves were off.

The undead managed to score, blocking and fouling their way to the end yone but it was too late. The Harrelsons used their remaining turn to throw a quick pass and kill a line-zombie to end the game.

We asked Dancing Leaves after the game what happened in the locker room at halftime: ‘I don’t remember anything. It went dark and back i was on the field. I’m so proud we made it.’ Asked about their chances for the play-offs he responded ‘It will be tough without my brother but we will try our best to still win the Conference title. We have not lost a game all season and we want to keep it that way.’

At the press conference LouLizCSC closed the day by saying ‘This was the toughest match we ever played. Dymntd is a great coach who will do everything for the win. We had to perform our very best to take the trophy home. I am really proud of my players. We’ll see where our path leads us, maybe even to the Pros next year.’





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