The Elfiad by Homer

In homage to my namesake, I submit my first poem to the MML, inspired by my first Pro Blood Bowl game, in Season 3, Week 8 of the MML¹…

*clears throat*


There once was a skink from Jurassic

Who loves to give wood elves an ass kick.

He managed to score,

But the welves did it more.²

On that day, the elf B.S. was classic.


¹ View the full game, with commentary & post-game interviews, at:

² With a ridiculous, dodge-through-4-tackle-zones-2-GFI-run-across-the-field-pass-to-a-covered-receiver-in-the-rain-who-then-dodged-away-from-a-prehensile-tail-unscathed completion, but naw, I’m not mad, bro, WHY DO YOU ASK!!!???


Welf BS