The Emergence of Midgets

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It was a long winter in the Grey Mountains, the Stunties were growing bored.

The Ginger Brothers heard whispers and rumours of stirrings from the wretched Chaos Dwarfs. How could one tolerate fighting alongside greenskins, never mind those human cattle hybrids they are so friendly with. Something had to be done, The Ginger ones grabbed their axes and hammers and set off with the drums of war!

However, when they arrived, there was no war… Just an abundance of Mead, Mayhem and Chaos to play with. The lack of war can be forgiven, but they need to learn this new craze their older brothers have been telling them about. This Blood Bowl?

The youngest, and most nimble dwarfs were selected for training, they also happened to be the smallest guys around. This was the birth of legends to be known as Dio’s Midgets. But first, some training was needed. The axes and hammers can rest for now, they will not become blunt or lacking in blood, but they may rest while the ball and fists do their talking.

The Stunties of the Grey Mountain had 8 weeks to train. That was all, before the new season of Mead and Mayhem Leagues were available. But that is enough for them.


They started off with a rather unique team, consisting of the Skeletons of Harryhausens, and their infamous coach Hairy Warthog. He hails from a slightly Southern Northern region, the lands of plentiful pies. Pies go well with Mead. The Stunties of the Grey Mountains need this game more than they thought, although getting used to the sweltering heat kept them from winning.
Next they wanted a taste of something a little faster. And discovered the Leaf Tail Wanderers, coached by a guy that they could never tell if he was here, or there. Certainly a loopy fellow that Wyatt. Varlid finally managed to taste what a joy it can be to cross the opponents end zone with a ball, he definitely wants to do this again! Regrettably, none of the skinks were injured enough that they couldn’t leave by themselves, the barbecue was warmed up for nothing.
After having toyed with some of the less conventional teams. The Midgets decided to step up their training regime, and meeting with the reserve squad of one of the Pro teams. The Pumpkin Princes stepped up to the mark, with their coach. He was almost sizes with the Dwarfs, but he had a big personality that DwarfGiant. And despite thos larger Black Orcs, Varlid got to repeat his joy and even help the team to their first victory.
To continue on this high, they found some rather funny looking fellows. The Bordeleaux Blitzers and their coach. Not much is known about him, some say that he has one of their kind as a mate, others that he is just a sympathiser of those vertically challenged. All the Stunties of the Grey Mountain know, is that he is GalfonOrbit. Prior to the game, there was a marvelously wonderful Grass Roller next to the pitch. Valain decided to take it for a test ride! The ref only complained that as it couldn’t be hidden, he had no choice but to eject them. I mean, couldn’t he just look the other way? Although, while everyone was watching the fun Bofan took a hefty knock, that may niggle him for a while.
They eventually managed to catch some of WTF Murre’s tree hugging wood elves, and ask The Nordic Pagans to show them a thing or two. They were expecting to learn to score, maybe teach themselves a thing or two about how to hurt, not learn both in waves!
They wanted to go back to what they knew. Time for more greenskins Da Yate Yobz and their very lowland S130South coach could do the trick. But they forgot everything they knew from the last Green Game.
They would take this one personally. They found a team that drew them out in the first place. Madonatron V Shaniqua Bot, some of this filthy Chaos Dwarfs. Unfortunately, their coach is a guy no one can seem to disagree with, Mercy Flush. However, it was a bloodbath. Dwarfs all over the place, and only a few broken goblins for company.
Well, it was almost time to wrap up the training weeks. And what more ominous a coach and team combination can there be than Darkness Falling coached by Proudstarr. Jealous that their Chaos minds had not thought to use the roller, they were desperate to get their hands on it. So much so, the Midgets managed to taste their second victory and end their training on a high.


Now they were ready. They knew what they were doing, they just have to put that knowledge against the regular competitors. How would they stand up? Shortly, of course. But they will find out. Their first arranged match appears to be against filthy Chaos. They would rather be permitted to vent their fury onto some of their Chaos Dwarf cousins, but the mutant goats of chaos will do. The competitive and deadly Camocritter has trained these guys well.

They are ready.  They will enter the Challenge League and enjoy the Mead and Mayhem that comes with it, they have even forgotten their axes and hammers, at least until the book of grudges demand they be taken up again.


  1. Yep… Great story! Will look forward to the further adventures of the Stunties of Grey Mountain!

  2. Thanks Guys! The video was my primary intention, but thought the story would make it more appropriate to post!

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