The end for the true MISFIT

Week 4 was about to start .  The Misfits were rolling after taking down the high elves .  The armour was shinned up and the game plan was in place to play SRO .  The word came to the room is was game time .  The boys jumped up and headed for the door .   In the corner Jofro13 stood up like he always did and turned back toward his locker .  In the locker were the things that mattered most to him .    A drawing of his mother with a fresh flowers behind it .  The tail of a rat, the foot of a skink, and the finger of a wolf (no he didn’t kill the wolf) .  Season 13 had been his luckiest yet and had helped the misfits 1-2-0 record . He had learned to help the team and not just focus on his goals.   SRO was strong with the elf bs but with his skills and ability to play around the ball he knew he would have a good game.   the game started slow as if the team was laughing at the wood elves after been beaten by their kin BCPH .  Jofro could see the writing on the wall.   As the bolt hit Kettle he knew he had to take the game and team on his shoulders .  the rain was coming down hard and fast but it didn’t stop him from doing his thing.   as he made an attempt on the ball he slipped but was able to stumble forward and kick the ball to Remy.   the elves pounced on Remy as if his strength wasn’t a factor and agin the ball was lost.   A silly elf threw the ball to the other side of the pitch as he laughed at him and the downed beastman.   Carly came back to help with the over populated misfits end and opened a door for Jofro to go for the ball .  Jofro took off for the ball as he saw a chance to get it .  The rain was coming down harder as he took his last few steps .  As Jofro for the ball his hoof slipped in the mood and down he went .  His head was the first to hit the ground with a loud crack.   Couch Beerz ran to the other side of the bench yelling for Dippy Do the team Apo to get out there.   Dippy Do grabbed his bag as he threw down his ale mug and headed for the down beastman.   For the Third time he would run up to a dead Jofro.  This time though it wasn’t only his neck that was broken but a collar-bone as well .  Out of his bag he pulled the green ooze that had saved him from death before.  He whipped it on to Jofro’s head and like the lightning that hit two players in the game before it hit Jofro.   His eyes opened and he looked at Dippy Do, but Dippy Do wasn’t smiling .  The collar-bone didn’t return to the spot that it came.  It reached to the skies as if giving Nuffle the one finger salute.   Dippy Do looked back at couch Beerz and shocked his head .  Tipsy and Lefty the stretcher boys ran out to the Jofro.  He was loaded on the stretcher and carried off .  Beerz looked up at the clock knowing time was fading .  Halftime came and the team returned to the locker room all looking for answers as to Jofro’s health .

Coach whats the word, Trish yelled from across the room.   Beerz took a deep breath looked over his players .  Boys looks like we’ve lost Jofro for the game and maybe for the rest of the season . His collar-bone has been broken and un fixable .  I hate to be the one to tell you all this but i think his career is done.  Silence tool over the room like the regeneration takes over a dead player and brings him back to life.   But this time there was no back to life in a way but just a limp right arm with lack of movement.   As the silence took the room you could hear Jofro screaming in the other room .  Just take the dam arm already and let me back on the pitch.  I will show my father he was wrong to leave me and I and can be better then anything in his life.   What good are you if you can’t cut off an arm.   My team needs me and i need to finish my path to be better than my father………   His words cut short as the knife and pain took hold.   The boys looked around at each other as the silence was finally cut as Ullow jumped up screaming the battle cry of the beastman.   All the team looked at Ullow jumped to their feet and started to scream the beastman war cries .

Beerz looked over his team . It wasn’t the first time the team had to deal with a top notch team member going down but this time is was defiantly different .  The team rallied around each other maybe not to come out on top but to come out and say “We will not go quietly into the night but come out as one .  You will not stop us but make us stronger.  We are Chaos and even though we may stumble we will carry on” .  Beerz raised his hand into the air,  and looked over the team.   Lets go show the MML and the entire old word who we are.   Let this not be the end but the beginning of great things.   For chaos and for JOFRO#13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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