The end of an era, and dawn of a new age!?

Coach Warthog looked down from his office window at his team the Thugz of Wheldrake training on the astrogranite below him. He studied each player closely, making mental notes of their skills and mutations. The team were facing up against a rag tag bunch of prisoners who were imprisoned in the Black Stronghold who they regularly used to practice against. One pale skinned Wardancer inmate received a crushing blow from Basebull Fury, killing him instantly much to the enjoyment of his teammates. The Thugz all celebrated this fallen elf’s demise and completely missed a crippled halfling hobble from inside his own half all the way to the Thugz endzone to score!!! Coach Warthog had promised any prisoner who played against his team they’re freedom if they scored a touchdown.

“That’s the eighth convict released in this game Ajax, how many have we had to let go this month”?

The grizzled dwarf reluctantly mumbled,       “Ummm eighty three boss, the prisoners are laughing at you, saying even Blind Stevie of Wonderland could score against the Thugz”.

Warthog listened to the words of his loyal bodyguard and knew he was right. Something needs to change but what? The training? The cheerleaders? The players? He sat down at his desk and looked at a painting on the wall of his nurgle worshipping friends in their Bloodbowl uniforms. He remembered fondly his time with them on the island, the fun times he had playing guess the disease and which body part will drop off first. That’s when it dawned on him,

“Ajax, next week will be the Thugz last game in the pros, I’ve grown tired of them and need a break”.

The dwarf looked at him, his jaw gaping open in shock, “Boss? What are you saying? No more Thugz?? What will happen to them”?

“I’m not sure yet, those who wish to be transferred to another team have my blessing, those who remain will play in the Farm I guess”, Hairy replied.

Ajax still struggling to take all this in gazed out of the window as two Beastmen dragged away the lifeless body of the Wardancer to cemetery beneath the ancient jail he now called home. The tall black iron gates were opened by a huge, fat troll and he watched as the elf was taken deep into the graveyard and thrown unceremoniously into a freshly dug hole, and the goblins threw the soil back in to fill it.

Still eyeing the Nurgle team portrait Hairy announced,

“Ajax, I need a new team, a new challenge, a team who will just go out there and do as I ask, the question is who”!?

Ajax noticed Hairy staring at the nurgle painting long and hard and had a thought, he didn’t want those diseased filth in his home, he didn’t want anything to do with them. Seeing his opportunity Ajax spoke up,

“Coach, if I may be so bold to speak up, me and the boys of A.G.G.R.O have been playing Bloodbowl on the back field after work, we’re not brilliant but we got some very talented guys and I’m sure with your coaching we could be even better”

Coach Warthog listened carefully to his bodyguard’s words and tried to take in what he had just heard. He glanced at the nurgle painting and back to Ajax, thoughts racing around his warped mind. Outside he could hear the rain starting to fall, and gradually getting heavier, and his Thugz running back inside for fear of getting their fur wet!  That was the last straw for Hairy, stood up walked to the window and shouted down to his team,

“you’re all fired! You do nothing but disappoint me on a weekly basis, play your last game against the Armageddon Avengers next week and you are gone”!

The team stopped in their tracks at their coaches words not believing what they just heard. They all stood in the rain staring up at the window from where they had been shouted from and expecting Coach Warthog to make joke and he was winding them up. No catch line came. “He means it boys, let’s go”, McMasters said and ushered the team indoors and took another look at his/her coach and shook his head in disbelief.

Staring out into the darkening sky, the rain hurtling down, and thunder rumbling in the background Hairy weighed up his options. Nurgle or his chaos dwarf henchman’s team? He could not decide. He walked out on to the balcony and threw his arms into the air and shouted, ” what do I do!!! Give me a sign!!! ” , as if right on cue a huge lightning bolt flashed down in front of him striking an old treeman who took root in the cemetery four years ago! Flames licking the branches of this huge being and smoke emitting from his ancient trunk!

“That’s the sign?? A treeman? There’s way of my leading a bloody wood elf team” !

Hairy shook his head and tried to get the thoughts of coaching wardancers out of his head, he turned nodded to Ajax and made his way to his chambers to get some well needed rest. In doing so he failed to notice the two goblins running out of the cemetery, looks of horror on their faces, arms waving in the air and shouting at the troll to close the gates! As the hulking brute pushed the gates back into place he peered into the dark, foggy wasteland, he could see the treeman had finally managed to put the flames out, and ……………….something else……………


  1. So sorry to read this… Thugz are an institution and I am pretty fond of them. 🙁

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