The end of Oatlltz?

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The leap was good, Legolas could only watch as Mylm’nor sailed over his head and landed gracefully behind the large saurus, Oatlltz, star skink of the Lord of the Skinks thought he was safe behind his saurus bodyguard, he was wrong, taken by surprise and with nowhere to go, Oatlltz looked for somewhere to pass the ball, but it was too late, Mylm’nor the wardancer caught the skink clean on the chin with a well placed kick, being of such small stature, the smallest on the team in fact, Oatlltz went gliding through the air before crashing down hard on the ground, he wasn’t moving, the other players could only watch as coach Lazertrip frantically shouted at his apothecary “get in there and get him!”.

Oatlltz was not always the star he is now, but this wasn’t his first job either, 2 seasons ago Lazertrip found himself invited to a fancy MML party after finally joining the challenge league as head coach of Lord of the Skinks, a brand new lizardman team. It was being held at a race track, racing hounds for the enjoyment of the human and brettonian spectators, every few minutes or so the bell would sound and the gates would open and they would race around the track at great speeds, Lazertrip had never been to anything like this before so he was keen to see what all the fuss was about, drink in hand he took his seat in the MML section of the stadium and waited for the bell, but before it rang he could see a lone gate open, and out stepped a skink, a very small skink at that, Lazertrip leaned over to the man next to him and said “hey, I thought it was hounds they were racing, not skinks”, “oh it is” said the man, “but they need something to chase aswel”. The bell rang, the gates opened and out ran 8 massive hounds, the small skink started sprinting for its life away from them, they chased the poor skink for a full lap but were unable to catch him, his speed was something to behold, his little legs were carrying him at some pace.

Some time into season 6 and the Lord of the Skinks were having a tough time making any ground in their playpool, and had an even harder time keeping skinks alive, the death of Frodo meant that they would need to enlist the services of a journeyman before their next game, many had come to see the team play, but there were few skinks that wanted to get on the pitch to play. Coach Lazertrip inspected the handful of skinks he had to choose from to join his team for this game, if they impressed, just maybe they would be offered a contract, but the lives of journeymen don’t last long in the MML, none of the players impressed him, but it didn’t matter, he only needed one to take a few hits. He could hear commotion in the crowd of people where he was standing just outside the stadium, men and women being shoved or pushed and out from the crowd popped a small Skink, followed by a muscular man, so muscular if he had been green he could have passed as a black orc, he quickly caught the skink by the neck, “I’ve got you now little one, you’ll be running laps for the rest of your life you little runt”, the little skink struggled but could not break the grip, as the man turned to leave through the crowd, Lazertrip shouted for him “put the skink down”, the man turned slowly, raised one eyebrow slightly and spoke “or what?” Lazertrip only had to gesture with his hand and Boromir and Legolas two of his biggest saurus stepped forward, the man dropped the skink and threw his hands in the air, “wow i dont want any trouble, you can have the little runt” he spat down on Oatlltz who was lying face down in the dirt and struggling to get to his feet. One of the LoTS permanent Skinks Pippin, helped Oatlltz to his feet, he looked up at Lazertrip, “thank you sir, I owe you my life and I wish to join the team for this game if you would have me”. Lazertrip looked around to his players and back down to the tiny skink, “Pippin, get this little lad a uniform and for god sakes get him something to eat, he looks like the wind could snap him in half, we play in half an hour, I hope you’re ready”.

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