The Evolution is complete

The wind and rain bellowed in and the curtains raged against the cold air 

‘Who..who are you?! what do you want?

VpowerV – cautiously whispered from under the blanket pulled up to his eyes as he sat pressed up against the head board of his four poster queen sized bed.

‘Do not fear me V, for we are old friends. I’m back to take the MML by storm, just like what we started all those seasons ago. What you saw in me back then and the faith you had in me, I ……we need that. I want you to come with me and join us?’

V – ‘I don’t understand who are you? what are you on about? I coach the Abomination Nation you know, they wont just let me leave!’

‘You do know who I am, although I’m very different to when we were on the field together. Back then I was still evolving, I had the beingings of the greatness that I am today, but now I am complete! The rumours and stories they told of how I came to be were all true. That night on the farm after I realised the Nurgles Rot had hold of me, I ran as far as I could to try and save my family but I found myself in another dark place, again I was set upon, it fed on me, its fangs sank deep! it was the worse and best luck I ever had. Over the next months a battle was raging in my body between the gifts these creatures had given me I became the most powerful Rotter you had ever seen!’

V – ‘How can it be! I saw that Wardancer almost round house kick your head clean off? I carried you limb decaying body to the Igors wagon myself’

‘I was stronger than to be finished my some fairy! you should have known that V, my life did end that day on the field… but it only triggered the final stage of my transformation, my regeneration into a master of the night. I am fully formed now V, you will now call me Count Hector von Rot!! and you are coming with me…..

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