The Farm

The MML announces The Farm!

The Farm is an exclusive competition in the MML.

The Farm exists to allow coaches who wish to participate in the MML, but did not have a chance to sign up for the current season, an opportunity to test their chops against other MML coaches while they wait for the next season. The Farm also allows teams from prior seasons to be ‘sent down’ to The Farm so they can be built back up and re-enter MML Play.

The Farm is a great way to get into the MML and get to know the MMLPro coaches. It is also a great way to re-build your team from prior seasons, or work towards putting that perfect team together for upcoming MMLPro seasons.

The Farm Rules:

  • New Teams or MML Returning Teams ONLY
  • All MML Rules & Regulations are in effect (unless pertaining directly to MMLPro League play).
    • Examples: sportsmanship, use of teams, etc.
  • Teams are allowed to play as many games as they wish, the format is open ladder.
  • The purpose is to play games and build/rebuild teams.
  • The Marketplace will be open on The Farm between seasons.
  • Farm teams may register and join MMLPro seasons, provided they meet all requirements for doing so (League TV Cap, etc.)

To join The Farm:

  • Register as a coach on (only registered coaches will be allowed on The Farm).
  • Request membership to The Farm by searching for the MML while finding a league to join.

The League will validate your website registration and accept your request.