The Fate of Plans

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Coach Josiah Frost sat in his office, with only the Overseer (now Mk IV) for company. Since he came to the MML coach Josiah Frost had a plan. He liked plans. He would write them down on the back of a cigarette packet sometimes, which kind of indicated that sometimes the plans weren’t great and a bit ‘on the fly.’

But he had one overarching aspiration, that he had tried to stick to. To him the plan had been more important than any other goals. More important than any awards or any championships could possibly be. (Not that such things were not, in themselves, great.) But now he felt it was time to re-evaluate his plan. He had just witnessed the Seers beating the Bull Raiderz, coached by Stu. A rivalry with Stu was not something that JoFro had ever anticipated being a ‘distraction’ from the plan when he first came to the MML, but along with a number of other things it had proved to be so. He reached into his desk and pulled out a manilla envelope. It was stained in places where it had been used as a rest for previous glasses of brandy and was starting to even become dulled from the plumes of cigar smoke that over his time in the MML had embraced it. The Overseer (Mk IV) now looked aghast that coach Frost was handling the ‘sacred’ document.

JoFro wasted no time in tearing open the envelope and pulling the yellowed paper, from within, onto his desk. The plan was relatively simple. It had always been about coach Frost being able to rekindle his lost youth. It spoke of coaching actual ‘Slann.’ It spoke of installing ‘astrogranite’ because that was the preferred medium of his coaching as a youth. It spoke about how all his players should be reminders of things from his past. It was all about JoFro looking back and rekindling his lost days from a time before, when he used to love to coach Blood Bowl games. He smiled wryly, that was one of the many reasons his rivarly with coach Stu had developed. That ‘swine’ was always making jokes about JoFro being “An old man.”

JoFro lit a cigar and kicked back in his seat. He poured himself a glass of brandy. The MML had changed him. The MML had changed his outlook. So many great things had happened in the present, during his time in the MML. And now… he had just seen a victory he had long desired. His team was sitting at the top of the Challenge League. Perhaps it was time, not to look back, but to look forward.

Coach JoFro took a couple more swigs of brandy and then folded the plan tightly. He dropped it into his ashtray and then ignited it from the end of his cigar. There would be other plans, for sure. But no looking back any more. Only forwards…..

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  1. Great read JoFro! Onwards and upwards. Hopefully there will be more stories on the way with a view to getting back where the Seers belong – The Pro’s!

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