The First Week

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Construction of the stadium was well underway. Da-Runt had fulfilled his side of the deal. Gold and treasures had been carted along the tunnel and down to the training pitch at the end of the first week of training with the Flamers. The stadium plans were being revised too. More goblins and trolls accompanied the gold with instructions to make the stadium bigger than originally planned. The noise at times during those training sessions had made it extremely difficult to get some ideas over to the players but he had started to see a little progress. The first week had been convincing the skaven of their change in fortunes. He didn’t like it but part of the success of this was due to telling them that they would get the chance to take out their anger and resentment on every race that played blood bowl. Whatever he needed to do, he would do, to convince them their fates were tied together and would be determined by their success.

Coach Gerdleah was sitting behind a desk that had been shoved into a small cave that had been excavated, just off the tunnel entrance. It was his home and office while the stadium was being built. The cave was constantly damp and had various fungi growing on the floor. Rain water managed to seep its way down into the cave, some of which collected within a natural basin. However, the rain had been heavy that day and he had to move the desk closer to the cave entrance to avoid getting soaked. The constant drip of water into the basin was distracting him from his notes. Around the cave were a few torches, providing a source of light and heat. The 7th day since he started training the team had just finished and as was his way since being a coach of The Witch’s Coven, he was documenting his thoughts.

Day 1- “1st day of training was difficult. After convincing them that I was in fact their coach, and not dinner, they set about listening to me as I spoke about the sport and the task ahead. I also tried to learn their names but I seemed to keep offending them with my pronunciation, so they’ve accepted the names that Da-Runt called them. Neck Wringer thinks he can kill any player he comes across. The rest of the squad share the same enthusiasm, which is handy, but needs tempered. We ran through some offensive and defensive drills to get them to understand the basics of positioning.”

Day 2 – “More positioning work with the team, though focus was on the offence. The gutter runners have potential and seem to handle the ball well. Chitter Chatter complains about a sore head often, though he has not taken any direct hits as he’s adept at absorbing and bringing opponents down to the ground. I’ve asked the apothecary to look after him and give him an examination.”

Day 3 – “Severe rain today made it very testing for the team but Spine Tingler and Peasant Venom coped very well with the conditions. A couple of the linerats are showing some surprising skills too. They utilise the same techniques that Chitter Chatter demonstrated in neutralising blocks.”

Day 4 – “Chitter Chatter’s screams woke us all up during the night. She’s developing horns! Just found out she is female too. Apparently she and Neck Wringer are ‘rat mates’. The apothecary believes their carnal activities allowed some of the warpstone given to Neck Wringer, to be passed to Chitter Chatter. While this has been an exciting development for her, the apothecary is under order from Da-Runt to make sure no ‘ratlings’ interrupt the teams season.”

Day 5 – ” Training was cancelled today. The rain is torrential making it too difficult for the trolls to guard the perimeter of the training ground. Spent the day showing old cabal streams of the Coven matches against Rodentia Ad Nauseum and Snitchburgh Pierats. Chitter Chatter was studying Han Tavirus play closely and got excited everytime there was a close up. Neck Wringer looked furious.”

Day 6 – “Woke up to a dead goblin at the foot of the bed. Da-Runt ordered additional trolls to patrol the tunnels at night. The goblin’s throat had been tore out and their was definite signs of teeth marks at the jugular. The team are getting increased ‘protection’ to ensure none of them are potentially targeted. More torches were being added into all the nearby tunnel systems to help the trolls look out for intruders. Training for the day was cancelled.”

Day 7 – “The team are coming together. Da-Runt sat in on the session and kept on screaming and whooping every time the ball was thrown and caught. This is not a side of the game he was used to seeing. He also provided Spine Tingler with the throwing mechanism all the league teams used. Spine Tingler spent the rest of the session getting used to it. Managed to knock down a troll with a ‘wayward’ pass. The troll tried to get to the skaven but they all were too quick for it. Rest of the session was cancelled as Da-Runt handled the enraged troll.”

The pitter patter of small paws broke the coaches attention. The team were walking by on their way to their chamber. They had just had dinner, whatever it was. The coach was insistent he did not need to know what they had. He looked back down at his notes, when a large gust of wind through the tunnels extinguished the torches in his room and those near the entrance. He was in complete darkness. A shrill scream of a rat sent him hurrying out his cave and towards the team who were mostly backed up against one side of the cavern. A couple of them were down on the ground with gashes and blood pouring from some superficial wounds. The second stormvermin, HairCutter was in more distress. His ankle was broken. A torch light came hurriedly up the tunnel. The apothecary was a small goblin, even for a goblin and wasn’t even half the size of the coach. Quak, bent down to look at the damage caused, before getting Neck Wringer to carry his injured brother to the treatment chamber. As they walked by the coach he looked up and shook his little head, “Looks bad. Gonna check it out but dont tink be fit for start of season.”

The coach got a sudden feeling of being watched and turned back towards the entrance to the tunnel, but there was no one there. The team and apothecary had hurried along down the tunnel, further into the mountain. The coach returned to his cave. The torch next to the desk had been lit and a page from his notes had been tore out of the book.  There was some fresh blood drops on the page, and the handwriting was awful, but what was written was easily understood.

Yu oh meeee

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