The Gladers

Tom Glady stood in the tunnel, he was nervous. He should not be here. He had a good, if not spectacular college career at Athel Loren Tech and a only sixth round draft pick for the legendary Gladers, for whom he was about to run out on the pitch with.

He had been second string thrower behind his hero Longshot and did not expect to be playing for a very long time. Unfortunately Longshot had a very unpleasant run in with an angry troll, and well, his arm was now too far away from his body to make any more throws.

The whistle blew and the hulking lizards of Kintsuga Broken Things charged forwards. He could not get the report the scout made on out of his head “Poor build, skinny, lacks great physical stature and strength, and gets knocked down easily.” That was playing against fellow elves, these lizards were huge. The snap came and before he knew it the ball was in his hands, he went into autopilot. In front of him Tree Polamalu smashed two lizards together creating a space for him to run through. He did not need to be asked twice. He dodged through, sidestepping a particularly nasty looking tail, looked up and spotted the agile form of Leafy Fitzgerald, the star Wardancer, making a deep run. Arm back, eyes on the target, forward and release. The ball flew, a perfect spiral, over the head of a crafty skink. Leafy turned, caught the ball and spun past two more lizards, diving into the end zone. Touchdown.

Coach Doughnut watched from the stands. The unfortunate dismemberment of Longshot, a recent transfer from the Athloren Arrows, had been causing him sleepless nights. Glady had shown promise, more than his scouting report suggested, but he ideally would have given him more time, and certainly an easier starting fixture. But something had clicked today and he had played the game of his life. This felt like the start of something special.

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