The Goblin Gambling Journals: Chapter 10 In The Pool

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Darkness falls on my mind as my body goes limp in the massive hand that drown me in the calm pool.  I feel the calm of the pool fall over me.  My soul sinks out of the grip and out of my body.

I sink down into the water of the pool.  Flashes from the world above illuminate the depth of the pool and the figures that lurk below.  I see many shapes and outlines, but I can’t help looking back to identify my attacker.  The jagged looking hand still held my body.  But, the outline of the attacker was blocked by the thick canopy of the trees and storm clouds still looming overhead.

I turn back to the deep to see 4 silhouettes.  3 Beastmen and a large chaos warrior.

“You shouldn’t be here Coach.” A beastman called out

“That’s not coach.” A different beastman replayed

“That’s him Stray.  You might have forgot what he looked like… but, I didn’t.  That’s him. I’m sure.  Coach you can’t be here.”

I realize that I’m still trying to hold my breath.  I breath out and the stinging of my lungs go away without me even taking a breath back in.  “Stoli? StrayRam?  Is that you guys?”

Stoli replays, “Ram-ski is here too but can’t seem to talk from his zombie days… and Jameson.  Well, he never knew how to talk so being dead didn’t help that.”

I think for a second then ask, “So, I’m dead?”

Stoli explains, “Your soul is here and your body is up there.  But, both are on this side of the water… so, your not alive.  See, this pool isn’t normal.  It’s like a gate or something.  We know we are dead and out there is alive.  But, like jumping into water.  We can sometimes hold our breath and jump out of the pool for a little bit.  That is what I was doing up there.  We could here the rats out there up to something and I had to check it out.  That’s when I found you and came back to get the guys.  But, from the looks of things, you got too close to ‘The Rooted One’.  That must be what got you here. But, you seriously can’t be here this is ‘The Devil’s Bath’  The other worlds pool for Skaven and Chaos.  We sometimes see other types come thru.  But, not often.  Different races have different pools.  You looked out for us on the field the best you could and we will down here.  We need to get you out of here before anyone else sees you.  Not sure where the human pool is… But, good luck finding it.  Come on guy let’s get him out of here.”

The four former chaos player grab me and I feel the water begin to rush around my body.  The speed begins to steal me breath.  The drowning panic begins to set back in.  I feel my soul crash into my body and my then press hard into the Treeman’s hand.  The force from the players sends the giant hand and the body it contains up out of the water and into The Rooted One.  Both land on the ground in a pile.

I take a deep breath.


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