The Goblin Gambling Journals: Chapter 3 Fragile Handle With Care

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The boat slide ashore not far from the Grunts stadium, affectionately call the Battlefield. Many a war had been fought there.  The birthplace of the kill box win.  Wouldn’t be long before I’d file my team into that den of violence and orchestrate my team thru one of the most difficult heavyweight fights that we have ever signed up for.  But, first we had to unload the boat.

Beastmen don’t travel long distances in tight spaces well.  They sprung onto the beach and began running around in all directions.  Poor guys had gone stir crazy.   The Chaos Warriors with some help from our newly acquired troll quickly loaded the gear onto wagons to transfer everything to our new home in the West.  This new Slaughter House was to be a massive 3 story stronghold.  A dominant fixture atop a hill to loom over the land warning anyone that should approach that this is a place that is not to be F’orc’s with.  But, building such a structure comes at a cost.  Our week 1 home game had to moved to a away game at the Battlefield.

So, we filed into the secret visitors entrance to the stadium.  It was an old sewage run off that lead direct the visitors locker room.  I’m sure the Nurgle teams don’t mind it too much and the the Skaven find this entrance right at home.  But, lets just say that this passage disagreed with my stomach.

I climbed up the rope ladder leading to our room of shelter to the sounds of a fans cheering loudly.  I’m not sure how early they let the fans start entering the stadium… But, from the sounds of it they had been here a while.  Drunk and angry they showed up for a matchup that many had waited to see for over 7 seasons.  The two longest running franchises in the PROs would be squaring off soon.  The team was getting amped up when I noticed a green goblin in a shady corner talking to Carbomb.  I walked over and grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him away.

A twisted ball of green hate covered my hand as to my surprise it was the 3 armed GG goblin, Kron Flex.

“What are you doing here?” I inquired.

“Carbomb sits this one out.” He snapped

“He can’t sit.  We lost 2 players last game and Goat isn’t able to play yet.  We only have two fill in players.” I protested.

Kron smirked and hisses thru his teeth, “Guess he will have to fake an injury early in the game then.  We can’t have this killer running around smashing players up with Gorbag out there.  Gorbag is NOT to be hurt.  Don’t even hit him if you can avoid it.”

“Gorbag scored 4 TDs on us when we were trying to stop him!  If we can’t even touch him he’ll break the single game record for sure!”

Kron pause and said, “Fine! I’ll bribe the triplets to not hurt him if he gets surfed.  But, you better not hurt him on the field… Any damage we see on him will be double damage on YOU!  Also, I trust that you sent Mo with to the new stadium with the gear?  Because, You will be expected to deliver him soon.”

“Yeah yeah yeah, don’t hurt Gorbag and get Mo ready for the Warpers season start.  Anything else?” I foolishly asked.

“Oh, there is one more thing.” Kron hands over a tome of old dusty letters and claps hand in satisfaction as if he had just completed some difficult task “That is intercepted messages from a secret order within the MML.  We have identified several of their members over the past few seasons and some of them might surprise you.” He slowly raises his hands in front of my face, Then from no place punches me in the gut with his extra arm!

I fall to my knees gasping for air.  The team jump to attention as a protective instinct but, are held from rendering the gobbo lifeless because they know he is protected by GG.  Kron lifts my head up by my chin. “You will contact this order and turn their loyalties to Goblin Gambling.  If they come willingly great if not you can use force.  A bit of spilled blood is fine this time.  We know you are more than capable.  Good luck with the game and remember. DON’T… HURT… GORBAG!”

Kron gives me a slap across the face to highlight his message and skips over to the sewage hole.  “What’s that smell… It’s making me hungry.”  And with one last smile he scampers down into the sewer.

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  1. I kinda hope kron the goblin gets eaten by a troll. Great stuff though, this series is one of the inspirations for me to start writing – and doesn’t disappoint again!

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