The Goblin Gambling Journals: Chapter 5 Holes

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I sit at my wobbly wooden desk lit by a single candle deep in the heart of the stadium.  A cool wind breezed thru the Slaughter House.  The stadium had been built and rebuild from so many moves and disasters that the construction of it was done without quality or care.  Each rendition was bigger than the last.  First it was more seats.  We must have more seats for the fans.  Then it was more beer.  Roll in 3 or 4 beer stands.  We must celebrate larger than anyone else.  It’s the way of man to always want more.  It must be bigger and better every time.  But, this time the only thing that seemed larger were the holes.

Construction cost, bribes, wizards, beer stands…it all adds up quick.  Been at coaching for 7 seasons and what do I have to show for it. (reaches into my right pocket and turns it inside out)  Nothing.  Oh, wait… I guess I do have something in my pocket. I’ve got a hole in my pocket  (I take my pants off and pulled some needle and thread from the desk and begin the repair)

7 season,54 games and here I am broke as ever and having my life ran by a bunch of corrupt goblins.  Not what I expected in life.  Silver shows up more and more in my hair and less and less in my palm.  But, these are trivial issue compared to the fact that I picked up fight with a handful of Lizards and then I find out they are part of a much larger ancient society or something.  2 cryptic letter showed up at the MML offices and clearly had trouble written all over then.

“Psst, over here.” the wall spoke to me.

I walk over the area of the voice and begin to inspect the wall for where the sound was from.  I ran my hand along the boards to see if there was a passage or if the would move.  Then knocked on it twice.  Suddenly a small green fist shot out from the wall and punched me in the crotch.  I crumble into a ball on the floor.  I look back at the large knot hole low on the wall to see the fist retreat into the walk and a giggling gobbo voice to emerge and a beautiful green eye to appear in its place..

“That you Kron?”

A feminine voice giggles back, “No, silly that spaz is taking care of getting Ingen in line.  I’m Logi and your crotch just meet my hammer fisted half Tex.  Say hi Tex.”

A deeper gruff voice calls out from behind the wall,”Are you flirting with him?  You better not be!  I didn’t let you drag me out here so you could try to score with some human.  Move over so I can punch him again!” (A red eye appears in the hole as Tex continues “Kron is a screw up that never amounted to much on or off a blood bowl pitch.  He screwed up the intel on the SOL and he even had the Khems turn the one Lizard team too early.  This MML operation should have been easy.  It was an in and out job like the last few leagues… But, Kron can’t seem to listen so now we are here.  New orders are… delivered the warp troll to the GGUWL offices and since we can’t tell what info is go or not anymore you should seek out Snicker-Clip and find out what he told Kron about the SOL.  Kron has a way of misremembering important details.”

Logi’s voice chimes in,”He told us you were a halfling. You a little bigger than a halfling.”

A bit confused by all this I ask, “So, I need to drop off Mo and find this Clip guy in the GGUWL.  What’s gonna happen with the SOL?”

The green eye returned to speak, “Silly man, we will work on finding out if this is all a clever bluff by them or if Kron screw up big and there is more to this SOL than we first thought.  Right now you need to get that Troll to his new team before the season starts.”


A stare at the hole waiting for an eye to reappear as I can hear the goblins talking.
Red: “Let’s get out of here before this storm moves in.”
Green: “But, I like a nice walk in the rain.”
Red: “I don’t and I’m not letting you drag me out in bad weather again just because you’re weird.”
Green: “Fine you sour puss, we can go.”

Green eye returns,”Bye bye, good luck.”

Red eye,”Troll then Clip… Don’t go getting high on warp and messing about.  It’s a business trip.”

Thunder rolls in from the west and the goblin voices fade into the wall.  I inspect the sewing job.  It’s not perfect but it’ll hold. I put my pants on and plunge my hands into my pockets to inspect my work.  Hole fixed… then I turn the left pocket out…to find another hole.



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