The Goblin Gambling Journals: Chapter 9

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Previously in the Goblin Gambling Journals: More_Shots delivered converted Warpstone Troll Big Mo to the Goblin Gambling Underworld Warp-stone League.  Shots was grabbed and taken to Leno-Lumin, apparently a high-ranking member of GG and most likely insane.  Thru conversations with Leno and the dismembered head of Snicker-Clip it was communicated that GG wanted the elves of the MML and other leagues.  Shots was taken from the underworld and received instructions from a half wit Skaven guard named Scraggle.  Straggle gave vague direction to a place called Highden Stills.  He also, mentions a place called  Dead Rat Forest. Scraggle instructed to avoid the forest due to what he called “Evil trees and death things there.  Many Many Line rats.  Dead friends of mine but they clear zombie rats.  Forest is great trap!  Forest dead rats!”  With a storm approaching, Shots headed on his journey.  The travel alone gave shot to reflect on his past and some of the people he has met.  The storm slowly gained on him till he was pinned between the Dead Rat Forest and the storm.  Shots disappears into the dark woods as the storm reaches the forest edge. (Recap ended)

The storms thunder echoed on the forest floor.  But, the swirling winds and start of rain seemed to be held back by the thick canopy of this old woods.  The leaves above moved with the wind and captured it like a net, giving an eerie calmness to the air below.  A few collected drops of water feel heavy on the forest floor sticking the dead leaves with an off beat tapping.  The lighting flashes would break thru the trees in small sections lighting random areas of the woods and casting unearthly shaped shadows in all directions.

I moved deeper into the woods.  The tapping of the rain drops slowly grew louder as the rain and wind above increased its assault on the trees.  The winds increased to cause the wind thru the trees sound to penetrate deep into the woods and join the tapping rain ambiance.  I walk in as far as my eyes would allow me to navigate.  Then, was forced to wait to the lighting strikes to illuminate small segments so that I could continue forward.  But, the storm no longer felt like it was the only thing following me.  Paranoia started to set in.  Dark… Alone… The woods started to feel like a very bad idea.

Tap tap tap the rain falls thru the trees….

The drops of rain echoed in my ears.

(Flash of light) See my way for a few quick steps and then stop and wait again.

Tap tap tap the rain falls thru….

(Flash of light) Another quick scamper ahead.  At this rate I’d never I’d never get out.  “Might be best just to wait the storm out and continue after it blows over.”  I say out loud to myself.

Tap tap tap the rain falls…. *Crunch*

The loud snap of some branch breaking in the far distance rung out.  Might the storm be stronger than these old trees?  I was slightly unnerved by the thought of this entire wood just giving up to the pressure of the storm and falling piece by piece down on my head.

Tap tap tap the rain…. *Shuffling Leafs*

That’s not rain… rain doesn’t shuffle thru leaves.  I’m not alone.

Tap tap tap….  *Shuffling Leafs continue and grow louder and wider sweeping*

The sound feels like it’s slowly getting closer and more and more is coming from all angles.  I look into the darkness and see only blackness containing the sound.

Tap tap… *Lightning flash revealing a line of shadowy figures with glowing red eyes working their way thru the forest*

Darkness returns… But, the eyes remain.  Now that I’ve seen them I wonder if they had been there all along.  I see them moving closer and a slow pace.  Dipping behind and thru the trees as the move.  My breathing becomes uncontrollable.  Heart begins beating faster than I can ever recall.  My arms reach out in a panic and I start feeling for trees or other objects in my way.  I must get moving, I don’t know what they are.  But, whatever it is it can’t be good.

My panicked actions make more noise than before and I can hear the pursuers hiss at the noise.  They noise further drives my panic.  My desperation to get further away send me blindly bouncing off trees and tripping over rocks and other ground obstacles.  My flailing hands can’t identify things fast enough for my escaping feet and I soon trip over something and tumble-down a slope.

Tap… *Lightning flash  the outline of a Beastman standing above with glowing red eyes waving me to follow.*

I spring to my feet and follow the best I can.  I’m not sure if it was from years of coaching chaos that I trusted this figure or just that it seemed familiar.  But, one thing was sure is that I was falling behind.  The darkness was still fighting my progress and having a navigator that was twice as fast running ahead and not waiting wasn’t helping.  But, I was slowly starting to see the trees outlines even without the lightning.  A cool blue light off in the distance started to illuminate the woods.  I could see the thick trees blocking my path and even catch glimpses of the beastman leaping thru the obstacles and striding long between bounds.  I’d catch a flash of the red eyes every now and then when it would look back to check on my progress.

The forest thinned out and opened to a small blue glowing pool.  With 1 large tree standing tall by its edge and the Beastman standing near it.  I felt my body begin to relax in the cool glow of the place.  I even looked up to see the storm above.  But, almost as if this area was protected by a weather dome the rain did not fall and the wind did not blow.  Everything felt peaceful.

*HISS* The pursuers had caught up.  A line of ghostly skaven with red eyes and tattered and broken bodies stood before me.

I looked back to the beastman to see him jump behind the tree be the pool.  I ran to follow, but, when I reach the tree he was no place to be found.  I looked back toward the red-eyed mob that was shuffling my direction and knew it was over.  I wouldn’t be able to escape these numbers without my guide.  I fell to my knees in despair.

I was a broken man crumpled in defeat.  This peaceful place would be the final resting place for my body.  The ground would reclaim me next to the tree by the pool.  I could think of must worse places to go.  I came to terms with my fate and waited for the red-eye skaven to consume me.  But, they didn’t get the chance.

A massive hand rips me from the ground and stretches my high into the air!  A mighty roar echoes below me as the skaven hiss back.  I am swung back and forth violently and then am plunged face first into the flowing pool.

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles…. air raises out of my face

I struggle to free myself from the mighty grip of the hand.

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles…. air raises out

I sink my teeth deep into one of the fingers of my capture but the hard thick skin only hurts my teeth and has no effect.

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles…. air

I feel the salt of the brine like water sting my eyes.

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles….

I feel my lungs begin to ache as the starve for air.

Bubbles Bubbles….

I gasp for one last breath but, my mouth is only filled with the salty water.


I feel my body give out and all goes black.

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