The Great Equalizer: Grunt’n It Out

GRUNT NATION – With the start of Season 3 on the horizon the New Orcland Grunts look towards the new season with anticipation. The contract renewal of head-coach PreachMJ has also renewed the faith of the Grunt Nation in producing a winning season.

The Grunts are the only team that remains of the original Dungeon West conference. Older teams have left for other conferences, unable to hang (or put up with) the style of play down in the Dungeon. New teams have planted their flag, among them the Season 2 champions. When asked about this the Grunts head coach had the following to say:

“We can handle truth. What we can’t handle are vermin, glad the butts aren’t stinking up the place anymore.”

The Grunts have never won against the Skuttle Butts, but hope to keep the rivalry alive in Season 3 as the two will match up during the regular season as least once.

In an interview with Just Score magazine, Preach answered very pointed questions about their inability to win games and score touchdowns in the past seasons.

“It’s a known issue, but the grunts have been working hard in the off season. We’ve entered in to contract negotiations with a troll clan, and our scouts have uncovered a promising quarterback.”

Preach would not comment further on the transactions, other than to note: “We’re not going with a Sword Coast offense, but I think the boosters will be pleased with the package we are presenting this season. It’s a little more robust than we’ve run prior, but I think it positions us better in the long run.”

With only a one season contract extension, Preach will be looking to capitalize early and outlast the competition. “We’ve got experience and treachery on our side.”

The Grunts are 4-6-1 since the inception of the team, boasting the largest following in the MML. The Grunt Nation numbers in the hundreds of thousands on home game days, drawing in crowds form all parts of the land. The Grunts hope to build upon that momentum with a winning season.

“We’re excited about stuff,” said Preach. “The Grunt Nation won’t be let down.”