The Grunt Nation Erupts!

GRUNT NATION – Revenge is, it turns out, a dish best served…with a side of cheese.

The Grunts had to wait almost three full seasons but they enjoyed every tasty morsel on Wednesday night.

Quarterback Leeroy Jenkins overtime touchdown gave the Grunts a 2-1 win of Mauz in the Orcidas Bowl.

Mauz, of course, had had punted the Grunts off the pitch in their prior meetings fueling Grunt loathing for the Skaven Menace and Jenkins admitted Wednesday’s win was extra-sweet.

“You can’t even describe it,” Jenkins said. “We’ve lost every game we’ve played to rat teams.”

“For them to come in to the Orcidas Bowl and lose, and we’re the ones to send them packing, it’s an absolutely great feeling.”

Jenkins lumbered into the endzone on turn 24 of sudden death to blow the lid off the sold-out Camp Brandy.

With Preach’s retirement looming, they didn’t need the win. They just wanted it.

“The Grunt Nation will celebrate this season for a long time,” commented Warchief Thrall “I wish we could have more.”

The Warchief is referring to the sale of the Grunts to fellow orc coach Thunden in the impending off-season. So with nothing to look forward to the Grunts celebrate a bowl win, and a great season.

Preach has been asked many times if he is truly retiring. “That is the plan,” responded Preach. “Negotiations with Coach Thunden have already begun, but I think the transition will be smooth.”

The Grunts went 4-3-2 for the Season with a Bowl win, and are 8-9-3 lifetime with Preach at the helm.

The Grunts are the only original team left in the Dungeon West, and if they leave a piece of of the Dungeon West history may go with them.