The Hateful Eight: Desperado

A new team has emerged…eight strangers, brought together under a single purpose – a purpose known only to them. Their stories are as varied as their methods. Those that don’t know them won’t like them, and those that do sometimes won’t know how to take them. They aren’t wrong, just different, but their pride won’t let them do things to make you think they are right. These are their tales…some of them…

It’s easy to think back through that events that brought me here. It’s hard to make sense of it all. I’ve been gone for so long, absence has hardened my heart. The pleasures of the past only bring me pain now.

I should have known when her mind was focused on her finger instead of her heart. Diamonds are a girls best friend they say; but those are the girls that always burn you. I wish I had chosen one with a heart instead.

It’s true that I’ve had a blessed life, and may things have been granted to me. Why then does my heart only want the things that I don’t have?

I’m not as young as I once was, and the pain of leaving home does nothing to satisfy the hunger for freedom. I am my own jailer, my prison is the a life alone.

Covered in a mountain of blankets, I’m still cold at night. They sky is no longer bright, and I can’t tell – or care – when it’s night or day. She took all my highs, and now I live down with my lows – all feeling has been lost.

It’s easy to think back through the events that brought me here. It’s hard to make sense of it all. She’s there, but there is nobody to go back to.

If only someone loved me, it wouldn’t be too late.


The Hateful Eight are a Brettonian team inspired by classic western songs. Each player embodies the song they are named after, their backstory is the same as their namesake song.

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