The Hateful Eight: The Lawman Reverend Brown

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A new team has emerged…eight strangers, brought together under a single purpose – a purpose known only to them. Their stories are as varied as their methods. Those that don’t know them won’t like them, and those that do sometimes won’t know how to take them. They aren’t wrong, just different, but their pride won’t let them do things to make you think they are right. These are their tales…some of them…

I can still recall the day my uncle Rand found religion. The Reverend had drug him down to the river and proceeded to drown the devil. Uncle Rand was a big man, sometimes mean and often vicious, but he didn’t stand a chance against the Lawman Reverend Brown.

The Lawman Reverend Brown was the Sheriff of Montana county, his hair as long and as black as the dust covered suit he wore. He carried everything he needed to perform his duties: A tattered old black bible, and a loaded 44.

On Sunday’s you could hear the children’s voice echoing off the mountains as they sung about the peace down in the valley; peace they had not experienced prior. The Reverend had a special way for ‘healing’ wicked sinners – he only had to shoot a few to save a whole lot more.

Nobody knew where he came from, but the knew where he was going. He was headed to meet his maker and guard the throne of his Master. We would keep the home fires burning for the ones that where lost to the darkness – the same kind of fire that the Reverend lit in each of us to help us see the light.

The Lawman helped the Reverend when he taught the old time gospel…

It was Heaven, it was prison, or the loaded 44.

The Hateful Eight are a Brettonian team inspired by classic western songs. Each player embodies the song they are named after, their backstory is the same as their namesake song.

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