The Horsemen Rotters are coming!

……..2 seasons in and still none the wiser coach VpowerV of the 4 Horsemen sat in the locker room pondering events of months gone by. The origins and purpose of the Horsemen seemed to have blurred and their paths had led them in different directions, but he felt content, his mission had been achieved now with the Abomination Nation (AN) holding solid in the leagues and now in S9 battling their way in the Pros.
The mysterious backer had paid well, so much so the AN now had a reserve team and even a breeding ground for rotter fodder, the name was established, the team had a presence…. be it rather disturbing.
But something was shifting, something had caught VpowerV’s eye, in the background a new breed was coming, something the MML had never seen, VpowerV had never seen….
Out of the blue the Rotters had started to become self-aware! once a breeding ground for Los fodder and underhand tactics the Rotters had begun to develop and show some serious promise on the Blood Bowl field!

It all started when Hector the Poor was rounded up and introduced into the program, his history was rather unclear and vague…

‘It is said he may have been a young farmers son that when tending his crops and livestock one stormy winters day the Rot somehow took a hold of him, over the following days during his agonisingly slow and painful transition, the story is told he ambled into dark lands and had been ferociously attacked and bitten by something in the night…… when he finally awoke Hector held strength and agility never seen before in a Rotter, a one of a kind hybrid!’

His impact at the program was huge, now all of a sudden the Rotters had inspiration, they could be some body, they could be a contender!
dubbed ‘Hectors men of menace’ they began to catch the Coaches eye.
Hector had gained VpowerVs respect with his leadership on the training field and from once even going toe 2 toe for an entire half with a particularly vicious Mummy!  VpowerV let Hector broker a contract for Kardel the Disoriented to join the Abomination Nation as a positional to prove these new breeds worth!
Instantly making a brutal name for himself in S8 Kardel the horned claw big hitter was a firm fan favourite, It had taken longer however for the rest of the AN team to be so pleased with all the extra attention these minions were getting, especially Loxosceles the designated attack Pestigor, this was soon quashed however as it became very clear Papa and the Gods were also very pleased with the ‘men of menace’ and gifts from above seemed to rain down on this band of Ninja Rotters. Some used these new talents wisely like Kardel and forged their Blood Bowl careers forward….
others not so much…..
as was the case of Jonas who leaped and face planted into a pile of mangled puss/bone and his untimely death, when those legs weren’t yet quite long enough to carry him.
Now a horde of gifted Rotters wait to follow in Kardels foot steps, spending hours upon hours training under the watchful eye of Hector the Poor, inside a plush new stadium with the best Elven turf money can buy!

are they the real deal or is it just delusions of grandeur!

one thing we know is VpowerV cant wait to find out!


  1. AN will be staying Stompa, but there may be some interesting Rotters making their way to the pros

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