The Immortals Of Zen Part 1



There comes a time and a place in ones life you are confronted by two paths and choosing the wrong path could end in darkness, a meaningless life where you go about your daily struggles and nobody notices anything,  the other path on the other hand makes you do good with your life and makes a difference and a beacon of hope to the World and inspires people to do good. Bernie Buffon that is what your choice has become.

Bernie Looked at him his eyes narrowed the beast was about 7ft tall shrouded in a dark hooded cloak the inside lining was the colour blood red, his garments where black with a golden sword In the middle with pure burst of golden lines shooting off the sword. For all of this impressive physical presence he leaned on a walking stick maybe an old blood bowl wound maybe not. For all this Bernie didn’t feel uncomfortable but that could have more to do with Mad Frankie Fraser on his right hand side and Steve Michaels on his left. So you want me to leave The Plague Ridden Cowboys for a venture of what? Redemption, Hope and Glory take what I’m offering you it is yours all you have to do is accept it, with that the cloaked figure held out his hand with a fluorescent coloured stone or crystal I wasn’t sure lying there on his palm glowing in such a beautiful aura. What is it Bernie slowly replied the cloaked figure looked into what felt like my soul and said it is a Nuffle Stone. Not many know of there existence and there are very few left around the universe I have travelled a millennia looking for these to one day hand them over to the one I believe that can make a difference you.

I looked at this thing of beauty and said what does this thing do exactly? It saves your soul, when you die the nuffle stone traps your soul your life force so to speak and transmits it into another shell ready to live again and carry on the fight in short it makes you immortal you cannot die only reborn. Any of your cowboys can join you on your travels all they have to do is die and be reborn. The Room erupted in laughter and we are supposed to take your word for it are we? Mad Frankie looked at Bernie do you want me to kill him now?  WAIT HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH a voice shouted and a skink jumped onto the desk he stood looking right at Bernie Steve Michaels and Mad Frankie Fraser. You got a death wish skink bellowed Frankie. Steve and Bernie looked at each other and then looked at the skink and if they had rehearsed it they both said DIno Chicken?


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