The Immortals Of Zen Part 2 The Pact


But your dead Dino erm you actually died twice, You are correct Bernie but when I died my soul transported itself to the Nuffle stone and I was reborn and I have never felt better. I can do things I couldn’t do before and I’m ready to lead your team to greatness. Zen then moved forward and spoke, as you can see what I speak is the truth and if your friends are not willing to help you I can bring in quality additions to help you in your cause. Just then the Skink Rhino stepped forward he had been killed this season but was a superstar skink for a team called…. hang on it was erm, hmm stay with me I will remember the team in a mo hmm erm its gone but they was a very good team, coached by a great coach in Berzo. He had sadly died but here he was standing ready to serve the Immortals of Zen. The Next team member to come in was a huge hulking nasty looking Saurus called The Boogeyman he was an impressive speciman and certainly someone you would rather have on your side then against.


Okay so you are offering me a team I can coach that if they die they can then be reborn and comeback to me and you and Nuffle will have my back? And for these amazing gifts what’s the catch? There is no catch Bernie just a pact you have to agree to. There it was the hidden agenda Bernie thought to himself but Bernie was still curious to find out what this catch was, okay Zen go on. Finally Zen sat down and looked straight across at Bernie these are the terms, you will play your Home games in the Phoenix Stadium what is a glorious grade 3 stadium what also has the Nuffle Altar in it to give thanks to our Lord Nuffle and will also help in dire times to bring in heroes to help your cause. At the beginning of each game before the ball is kicked you must all kneel and pray to Nuffle for his good fortune and if he feels you need some divine intervention he will have your back. Oh yes and one more small matter you cannot leave this franchise until you win an MML Championship with them. Say again? Bernie looking like he had just been slapped by a wet kipper and couldn’t be woken from a bad dream. You heard me you cannot leave the Franchise Immortal Of Zen until you have won gold for me that is the terms. With that Zen handed him his calling card got up and left, his final words where, we will be watching you and waiting in anticipation Bernie. And with that he had dissapeared.


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