The King is Dead! Long Live the Super King!

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The new Slann Seers were ready for action. First match of the season, against Dwarves! Not just any dwarves, Revang of the Dwarves. The Slann Seers had found their way back into the old Challenge League, Ancient Central Empire, stomping grounds of the team formerly coached by Josiah Frost, “The Slaan Seers.” It was a good omen Frost thought. But he wasn’t sure that even this good omen could help against these particular bloodthirsty dwarves. Frost had coached teams against them in the past and it had rarely gone well. Frost couldn’t help but reflect on the time he had coaching the lizards of the Slaan Seers and what he had done to get to this point. He remembered the Slaan Seers last match of the season:

“Me Grimlock! Me King!” were the last words of the self proclaimed ‘King’ of the Slaan Seers before he was taken from the pitch and pronounced dead, following vicious blows delivered in the McMurty’s Bowl by the Magrita Misfits! Coach Frost, for the first time in his tenure at the Slaan Seers, had actually been coaching the team from the sideline. The team had expected coach Frost to send on the apothecary to tend to Grimlock’s wounds but JoFro had simply shaken his head. “Let him rest,” coach Frost was heard to utter. “Let him rest.” He knew the whole team would be joining him in torpid slumber soon.

The Slaan Seers had lost the match and whilst they had tried, Frost’s heart was not in it. They had previously held the McMurty’s title, back in the 5th season, but the Magrita Misfits were able to glory in their bowl game victory. This was made all the more poignant as there were rumours, which Coach Frost vigorously denied, (but which were generally true,) that there was no love lost between himself and one of the players on the Misfits. The rumours focussed on allegations of improprierty and even a familial connection. The ‘creature’ had even taken to calling itself JoFro, which was Frost’s ‘pet’ name within the league. ‘The vile abomination’ as Coach Frost liked to call it, in private and occasionally public, had thankfully not made an appearance. Frost thought how he was usually pretty calm, but he wouldn’t have been too pleased had that ‘thing’ delivered the killing blow to Grimlock.

Before the match vs the dwarves there was one last task which Frost had needed to perform; beneath the All Seeing Eye, the stadium and home of the Slaan Seers and now the Slann Seers. His old team were within specially constructed caskets. One lizardman, from the Slaan Seers, to each casket. Lord Xlotec, Frost’s new Slann benefactor had made the arrangements for their temporary entombment. Frost went to each with the never melting cube of ice, which the ancient Slann had given to him and touched this to the surface of each of the caskets. The crackle of raw magic and a sheet of ice erupted each time to encase their still living forms. Each time Frost did this he had a few words to say, in memory of services rendered or past glory. He came to the Overseer Mk IV, last of all. The skink looked up at him almost plaintively. “Rest easy your little zogger,” were Frost’s only words for him. As he was entombed Frost was then heard to actually say, “I will miss you though. It is better this way. You will live longer. You know you would only have been sent to certain death on the pitch.”

“Don’t worry sir! the team will serve you super well and the name of Lord Xlotec, be praised.” Frost turned, a little startled. One of his new team was stood behind him, his hand now resting on Frost’s shoulder. “You’ve wanted this for so long, sir. I know. Lord Xlotec told me. Doesn’t matter that it’s dwarves sir. Doesn’t matter it is those dwarves. The team will super fly sir! The team will super fly and the team will super soar! The team will rise and the team will fall! It will be super fun sir! Super fun!”

“Which one are you again?” Asked Frost.

The man before him did a quick bow, with a flourish, “I have no name any longer, sir. Our mental reprogamming has been completed by Lord Xlotec. Quite thorough, I assure you. This one is designated as the ‘Super Seer’ good sir.”

“The Super Seer? Isn’t that a little presumptuous?” Enquired Frost.

“Super presumptuous sir.” Nodded the Super Seer emphatically.

“Can you say anything without saying the word ‘super’ every few seconds?” Frost’s forehead furrowed, in asking.

“I suppose I could try hard sir….Super hard!” The Super Seer replied with a beaming smile and a little abrupt leap to attention, as if he was about to explode with enthusiasm.

“It isn’t working.” Frost shrugged. “Well I guess we need enthusiasm on the team. You are now officially team captain.”

“Super” Was, perhaps unsurprisingly, the reply.



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